ARTH 288601

Masters of Modern Design
Professor: Marcus
Lecture 8: Dieter Rams & . . .

1. *Max Bill (1908-1994). Sun lamp, 1950. Enameled metal. Made by Novelectric
2. Artur Braun (born 1925) and Fritz Eichler (1911-1991). Radio, 1955. Plastic. Made by Braun
3. Hans Gugelot ((1920-1965). Super radio, 1955. Wood and plastic. Made by Braun
4. *Hans Gugelot ((1920-1965) and Dieter Rams (born 1932). Phonosuper phonograph and radio, 1956. Metal, wood, and plexiglass. Made by Braun
5. *Gerd Alfred Müller (1932-1991). Kitchen Machine food processor, 1957. Plastic and metal. Made by Braun
6. *Dieter Rams (born 1932). Combination phonograph and pocket radio, 1959. Plastic and metal. Made by Braun
7. Dieter Rams (born 1932). Studio 2 combination radio and record player, 1959. Metal and plastic. Made by Braun
8. Gerd Alfred Müller (1932-1991) and Hans Gugelot ((1920-1965). Sixtant razor, 1961-62. Plastic and metal. Made by Braun
9. Dieter Rams (born 1932). Atelier TV stack, 1987. Steel, aluminum, and plastic. Made by Braun
10. *Hans Roericht (born 1932). Stacking table service, 1959. Porcelain. Made by Thomas
11. Jakob Jensen (born 1926). Beosystem 1200 tuner-amplifier, turntable, and tape recorder, 1969. Wood and metal. Made by Bang & Olufsen
12. Armin Hofmann (born 1920). Exhibition poster, 1957. Linocut
13. *Bruno Munari (1907-1998). Cube ashtray, 1957. Melamine and aluminum. Made by Danese
14. *Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971). Cylinda Line pitcher and ice bucket, 1964-67. Stainless steel and nylon. Made by Stelton
15. *George Nelson (1908-1986). Sling sofa, 1964. Chromed steel with leather upholstery. Made by Herman Miller Furniture Company
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