ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lecture 9: Conceptual Art/ Process Art

1. LeWitt, Sol, Modular Cube/Base, whole.
2. Kosuth, Joseph, One & Three Chairs, another view.
3. Kosuth, Joseph, Five Words in Blue Neon, 1965.
4. Kosuth, Joseph, Art as Idea as Idea.
5. Baldessari, John Anthony, Pure Beauty, whole.
6. Baldessari, John Anthony, Painting that is its Own Documentation, whole.
7. Baldessari, John Anthony, Everything is Purged..., whole.
8. Baldessari, John Anthony, I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, whole.
9. Morris, Robert, Metered Bulb, view.
10. Morris, Robert, Box with the Sound of its Own Making, view.
11. Baldessari, John, Floating: Color, 1972.
12. Baldessari, John Anthony, Floating Color, whole.
13. Morris, Robert, I Box, open.
14. Morris, Robert, Self Portrait, whole.
15. Pollock, Jackson, Painting, 1948.
16. Benglis, Lynda, Bullitt, 1969.
17. Judd, Donald, Untitled, whole.
18. Bourgeois, Louise, Soft Landscape, 1963.
19. Hesse, Eva, Hang-Up, whole.
20. Hesse, Eva, Untitled, whole.
21. Hesse, Eva, Accession I, whole.
22. Hesse, Eva, Coningent, 1969.
23. Hesse, Eva, Schema, whole.
24. Hesse, Eva, Vinculum II, 1969.
25. Hesse, Eva, Untitled, whole, 1970.
26. Hesse, Eva, Ennead, 1966.
27. Morris, Robert, Untitled, 1970.
28. Morris, Robert, Exhibit of Felt Sculptures Castelli Gallery, New York, view, April 1968.
29. Serra, Richard, Serra throwing lead, view, photo by G. Gorgoni, Castelli Warehouse, detail.
30. Serra, Richard, Verb lists, left.
31. Serra, Richard, Splashing, 1968.
32. Serra, Richard, Casting with Four Molds: To Eva Hesse, 1969. (Copyright Protected)
33. Serra, Richard, Tearing Lead from 1:00 to 1:47.
34. Serra, Richard, Hand Catching Lead, Film, four frames.
35. Serra, Richard, Prop., 1969. (Copyright Protected)
36. Serra, Richard, One-Ton Prop, detail: alternate view.
37. Judd, Donald, Untitled, whole.
38. Serra, Richard, Stacked Steel Slabs, Skullcracker Series, 1969.
39. De Maria, Walter, New York Earth Room, whole.
40. De Maria, Walter, Broken Kilometer, view.
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