ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lecture 8: Grids; Conceptual Art in Europe

1. Flavin, Dan, Untitled- To S.M. 1969.
2. Brancusi, Constantin, Endless Column, view, Tirgu Jiu, Romania.
3. Brancusi, Constantin, Endless Column, view.
4. Brancusi, Constantin, Mademoiselle Pogany I, view.
5. Mondrian, Piet, Composition I, whole.
6. Andre, Carl, Prospect, installation, Dusseldorf.
7. Morris, Robert, Untitled, 1967.
8. Morris, Robert, Poster for Castelli Gallery Exhibition, April 6-27, 1974, whole.
9. Stella, Frank, "Die Fahne hoch", whole.
10. Caro, Anthony, Titan, 1964.
11. Andre, Carl, Equivalents, installation shot.
12. Morris, Robert, Untitled, 1964.
13. Judd, Donald, Untitled, 1966.
14. Rodin, Auguste, Gates of Hell, detail.
15. Rodin, Auguste, Gates of Hell.
16. Mondrian, Piet, Composition with red, yellow and blue, whole.
17. Reinhardt, Ad, Painting 1955.
18. Reinhardt, Ad, Red & Blue, 1952.
19. Martin, Agnes, The Dark River, whole.
20. Martin, Agnes.
21. Martin, Agnes, Flower in the Wind, detail.
22. Andre, Carl, 37 Pieces of work, 1969.
23. Ryman, Robert, Stretched Drawing, whole.
24. Ryman, Robert, Untitled, 1965.
25. Turrell, James Archie, Roden Crater Project.
26. Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig, Lake Shore Drive Apartment Houses, Chicago.
27. Klein, Yves, Untitled blue monochrome, whole.
28. Klein, Yves, Patent for International Klein Blue (IKB), whole.
29. Klein, Yves, Requiem Blue, 1960.
30. Klein, Yves, Removing Paintings from a Gallery to Make a Void, performance removing paintings. Musee d'Art Moderne de Ville de Paris.
31. Klein, Yves, F6 (Fire Painting), 1961.
32. Klein, Yves, Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, Klein in ritual relinquishment. Paris, January 26, 1962.
33. Klein, Yves, Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, receipt book & rules for ritual sales, series 1.
34. Klein, Yves, Anthropometries of the Blue Epoch, photo of performance, Paris, Galerie Int'l d'Art Contemporain.
35. Duchamp, Marcel, Fountain, whole.
36. Klein, Yves, Anthropometrie ANT 74, 1960.
37. Klein, Yves, Anthropometries of the Blue Epoch, 1960.
38. Klein, Yves, Leap into the Void: Man in Space! The Painter of Space, whole: photomontage by Harry Shunk.
39. Klein, Yves, Void (Le Vide), 1961.
40. Manzoni, Piero, Egg, Piero Manzoni signing an egg.
41. Klein, Yves, Shroud, ANT SU 20 (Vampire), whole.
42. Manzoni, Piero, Line 7200m, cf: producing line 7200m.
43. Klein, Yves, The Leap/ The Painter of Space Hurls Himself into the Void, 1960.
44. Manzoni, Piero, Linea m.1000, 24 Luglio, 1961.
45. Manzoni, Piero, Uova Con Impronta 27, 1960.
46. Manzoni, Piero, Fiato d'Artista, whole.
47. Manzoni, Piero, Line, 1959.
48. Manzoni, Piero, Merdi d'Artiste, 1961.
49. Manzoni, Piero, Linea di Lungliezza Infinita, whole.
50. Klein, Yves, Triptych: Monopink, Monogold, International Klein Blue, three panels.
51. Beuys, Joseph, Coyote: I Like America and America Likes Me, performance at Rene Block Gallery, NY, detail w/ Coyote.
52. Beuys, Joseph, I Like America and America Likes Me, performance.
53. Beuys, Joseph, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, leg with felt & bone, performance.
54. Beuys, Joseph, Coyote, arrival by stretcher, performance.
55. Beuys, Joseph, The Pack, 1969.
56. Beuys, Joseph, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, Beuys with hare, performance.
57. Beuys, Joseph, Felt suit, whole: front,
58. Beuys, Joseph, Studhl mit Fett (Chair with Fat), whole: view.
59. Beuys, Joseph, Crucifixion, whole.
60. Beuys, Joseph, Fat Corner, view.
61. Manzoni, Piero, Base of the World, view.
62. Beuys, Joseph, Bathtub, left view.
63. Manzoni, Piero, Living Sculpture, whole: photo.
64. Beuys, Joseph, Remains of Joseph Beuys' crashed plane, Crimea, view from afar, 1943.
65. Manzoni, Piero, Fiato D' Artista, 1960.
66. Manzoni, Piero, Magic Base, 1961.
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