ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lecture 6: Pop Art

1. Hamilton, Richard, Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?, whole.
2. Photograph at the opening of "Andy Warhol" of Andy and Edie Sedgwick. Philadelphia Insittute of Contemporary Art, 1965.
3. Mulas, Ugo, Photograph of Andy Warhol, 1964.
4. Warhol, Andy, Superman, comic strip used as source for painting.
5. Warhol, Andy, Superman, whole.
6. Warhol, Andy, Window Display, Bonwit Teller, New York City, April, 1961.
7. Warhol, Andy, Before and After III, 1961.
8. Warhol, Andy, Peach Halves, 1961.
9. Warhol, Andy, Campbell's Soup Can, whole.
10. Lichtenstein, Roy, Big Painting No.6, whole.
11. Warhol, Andy, One Hundred Cans of Campbell Soup Cans, whole.
12. Warhol, Andy, Brillo Boxes, view of stacked boxes.
13. Johns, Jasper, Gray Numbers, 1958.
14. Warhol, Andy, Thirty Two Cans of Campbell Soup, whole.
15. Warhol, Andy, Big Electric Chair, whole. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
16. Warhol, Andy, Skull, 1976.
17. Warhol, Andy, Self Portrait, 1986.
18. Warhol, Andy, Photobooth Self Portrait, whole.
19. Warhol, Andy, White Car Crash 19, 1963. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
20. Warhol, Andy, Red Race Riot, whole.
21. Warhol, Andy, Tunafish Disaster, whole.
22. Warhol, Andy, Dance Diagram: Fox Trot, whole.
23. Warhol, Andy, Do-It-Yourself, whole.
24. Warhol, Andy, Publicity Still of Marilyn Monroe marked by Warhol for Cropping, whole.
25. Warhol, Andy, Marilyn, whole.
26. Warhol, Andy, Gold Marilyn Monroe, whole.
27. Johns, Jasper, Flag on Orange Field, whole.
28. Kooning, Willem de, Woman and Bicycle, whole.
29. Warhol, Andy, Marilyn Monroe, whole.
30. Warhol, Andy, Jacqueline Kennedy, photo from Life Magazine for Pres. Johnson taking oath of office. Nov. 23, 1963.
31. Warhol, Andy, Jackie (Jacqueline Kennedy), whole.
32. Warhol, Andy, Early Electric Chair, whole.
33. Warhol, Andy, Little Race Riot, whole.
34. Warhol, Andy, Orange Disaster (Orange Car Crash), whole, monochrome.
35. Warhol, Andy, Mao, 1973. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
36. Warhol, Andy, Silver clouds/pillows, 1966.
37. Warhol, Andy, Cow Wallpaper, view as installed at the Castelli Gallery, New York.
38. Warhol, Andy, Self Portrait, 1964.
39. Warhol, Andy, Self Portrait, 1966.
40. Gogh, Vincent van, Self Portrait, detail, face.
41. Warhol, Andy, Camouflage Self Portrait, 1986.
42. Warhol, Andy, 13 Most Wanted Men, view installed at the NY State Pavillion , NY World's Fair, 1964.
43. Warhol, Andy, Most Wanted Man Number 11, John Joseph H., 1963.
44. Warhol, Andy, Aluminum Pt Covering 13 Most Wanted Men, view installed at the NY State Pavillion , NY World's Fair, 1964.
45. Rosenquist, James Albert, World's Fair Mural, 1964.
46. Lichtenstein, Roy, Takka Takka, detail.
47. Lichtenstein, Roy, Takka Takka, whole.
48. Lichtenstein, Roy, Blam, whole.
49. Lichtenstein, Roy, Drowning Girl, whole.
50. De Kooning, Willem, Gotham News, 1955. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
51. Lichtenstein, Roy, Little Big Painting, whole.
52. Lichtenstein, Roy, Composition II, whole.
53. Lichtenstein, Roy, Image Duplicator, 1963.
54. Oldenburg, Claes, Exhibit Green Gallery, New York, Fall 1962.
55. Oldenburg, Claes, Floor Cone, MoMA Exhibition 1962.
56. Oldenburg, Claes, Floor Cake, whole.
57. Oldenburg, Claes, Floor Hamberger, whole.
58. Four Soft Dormeyer Mixers -- Ghost Version.
59. Oppenheim, Meret, Object, fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon.
60. Oldenburg, Claes, Soft Toilet, whole.
61. Oldenburg, Claes, Giant Soft Fan-Ghost (Model Ghost Fan), general view.
62. Oldenburg, Claes, Notebook Page, Clipping #322, Lipstick Advertisment.
63. Oldenburg, Claes, Lipsticks in Piccadilly Circus, London, 1966.
64. Oldenburg, Claes, Monument for Yale University, Giant Traveling & Telescoping Lipstick, 1969.
65. Oldenburg, Claes, Monument for Yale University: Giant Traveling and Telescoping Lipstick, view during installation, 1969.
66. Oldenburg, Claes, Monument for Yale University: Giant Traveling & Telescoping Lipstick, photo of artist and the "Lipstick on Caterpillar Tracks", Yale: Beinecke Library.
67. Oldenburg, Claes, Study for Feasible Monument: Lipstick for Yale, 1969.
68. Oldenburg, Claes, Monument for Yale University: Giant Traveling & Telescoping Lipstick , view.
69. Oldenburg, Claes, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks, 1969.
70. Oldenburg, Claes, Late Submission to the Chicago Tribune Architectural Competition, Clothespin (Version Two), whole.
71. Oldenburg, Claes, Clothespin, lowering into place, Philadelphia.
72. Oldenburg, Claes, Types of Clothespins, whole.
73. Brancusi, Constantin, Kiss, whole.
74. Oldenburg, Claes, Proposed Colossal Monument for Thames River: Thames Ball.
75. Oldenburg, Claes, Split Button, view.
76. Rosenquist, James Albert, I Love You with My Ford, whole.
77. Rosenquist, James Albert, F-111, detail.
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