ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lecture 5: Rauschenberg & Johns

1. Rauschenberg, Robert, White Painting, whole.
2. Rauschenberg, Robert, White Painting, 1951.
3. Rothko, Mark, Ochre and Light Ochre on White, 1953.
4. Rauschenberg, Robert, Female Figure (blueprint), whole.
5. Rauschenberg, Robert, Automobile Tire Print, 1951.
6. Pollock, Jackson, Number 1, detail.
7. Rauschenberg, Robert, Erased de Kooning drawing, whole: with frame and label.
8. Rauschenberg, Robert, Dirt Painting for John Cage, whole.
9. Rauschenberg, Robert, Black Painting, 1951-2.
10. Rauschenberg, Robert, Red Painting, whole.
11. Rauschenberg, Robert, Female Figure (blueprint), whole.
12. Rauschenberg, Robert, Monogram, whole.
13. Namuth, Hans, Pollock at Work in His Studio at East Hampton, Long Island, 1950.
14. Rauschenberg, Robert, Study for Monogram, 1959.
15. Rauschenberg, Robert, Monogram, Preliminary Study II, c.1956.
16. Rauschenberg, Robert, Factum I, whole.
17. Rauschenberg, Robert, Factum II, whole.
18. Newman, Barnett, Onement I, whole.
19. Rauschenberg, Robert, The Man with Two Souls, 1950.
20. Rauschenberg, Robert, Rebus, whole.
21. Rauschenberg, Robert, Canyon, whole.
22. Rembrandt van Rijn, Rape of Ganymede, whole.
23. Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique, Grande Odalisque, whole.
24. Rauschenberg, Robert, Odalisk, whole.
25. Rauschenberg, Robert, Dante Drawings, canto XXVII, Inferno, 1959.
26. Rauschenberg, Robert, Retroactive II, whole.
27. Johns, Jasper, Flag, whole.
28. Magritte, Rene, Human Condition, whole.
29. Johns, Jasper, White Flag, whole.
30. Johns, Jasper, Flag above White with Collage, whole.
31. Johns, Jasper, Three Flags, whole.
32. Johns, Jasper, Flag, whole.
33. Johns, Jasper, Gray Alphabets, whole.
34. Johns, Jasper, Thermometer, view, 1959.
35. Johns, Jasper, False Start, whole.
36. Magritte, Rene, Key of Dreams, whole.
37. Johns, Jasper, Map, whole.
38. Cezanne, Paul, Mont Sainte-Victoire seen from Les Lauves.
39. Johns, Jasper, Canvas, whole.
40. Peto, John Frederick, Letter Rack with Lerado Postmark, 1894. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
41. Johns, Jasper, Target with Four Faces, whole, box open.
42. Johns, Jasper, Target with Plaster Casts, whole, open.
43. Johns, Jasper, Light Bulb II, front, 1958.
44. Duchamp, Marcel, Fountain, Page from The Blind Man w/ Stieglitz photo held in Philadelphia Museum of Art.
45. Johns, Jasper, Flashlight I, whole.
46. Johns, Jasper, Ballantine Ale: Painted Bronze, view.
47. Johns, Jasper, Study for Skin I, whole.
48. Johns, Jasper, Souvenir 2.
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