ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lectures 3 & 4:

1. Picasso, Pablo, Figure, Paris, Fall, whole, Fall 1928.
2. Smith, David, Star Cage, 1950.
3. Smith, David, Hudson River Landscape, steel.
4. Church, Frederic Edwin, Sunset, 1856.
5. Smith, David, Blackburn, Song of an Irish Blacksmith, alternate view.
6. Smith, David, Blackburn, Song of an Irish Blacksmith , whole, alternate view.
7. Smith, David, Tanktotoem I.
8. Pollock, Jackson, Totem Lesson II, whole.
9. Noguchi, Isamu, Monument to Heroes, 1943.
10. Giacometti, Alberto, Suspended ball, angle view.
11. Smith, David, Zig IV, view.
12. Smith, David, Archive.
13. Smith, David, Rape.
14. Smith, David, War Landscape, 1947.
15. Smith, David, Zig IV, view.
16. Smith, David, Cubi XVII, 1963.
17. Smith, David, Cubi XVI, detail, 1963. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
18. Bourgeois, Louise, Femme-Maison, whole.
19. Bourgeois, Louise, Listening one, c.1947-49.
20. Giacometti, Alberto, Couple - Man and Woman, whole.
21. Bourgeois, Louise, Pregnant Woman, front.
22. Giacometti, Alberto, Spoon Woman, whole.
23. Bourgeois, Louise, Femme Couteau, whole.
24. Giacometti, Alberto, Disagreeable Object , whole.
25. Nevelson, Louise, Sky Cathedral, 1958. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
26. Newman, Barnett, Broken Obelisk, front left.
27. Calder, Alexander, Lobster Trap and Fish Tail, whole.
28. Pollock, Jackson, Number Twelve, 1952.
29. Pollock, Jackson, Pollock in his Studio, photo by Hans Namuth.
30. Kaprow, Allan, 18 Happenings in Six Parts, Environment for Happening, Entrance to Room 2.
31. Kaprow, Allan, An Apple Shrine, woman with newspapers, 1960.
32. Kaprow, Allan, Yard, environment, Kapro and boy with tires, 1961.
33. Kaprow, Allan, Words, rearrangeable environment with lights and sound, view of people reading words.
34. Oldenburg, Claes, The Street, announcement, Reuben Gallery N.Y., 1960.
35. Oldenburg, Claes, Street, scene from In The City, Judson Gallery, NY.
36. Oldenburg, Claes, Store, interior, view w/artist, Dec. 1961. 107 E. 2nd St., NY.
37. Oldenburg, Claes, Pepsi-Cola sign, 1961. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
38. Oldenburg, Claes, Dual Hamburgers, view, 1962.
39. Dine, Jim, Smiling Workman, happening.
40. Dine, Jim, Tools in a Black Landscape, whole.
41. Kaprow, Allan, Household, Happening at Cornell University.
42. Kaprow, Allan, Household, Happening at Cornell University, watching car burn, 1964.
43. Chamberlain, John Angus, Kroll, view.
44. Kooning, Willem de, Gotham-News.
45. Segal, George, The Diner, view from side, 1964-65.
46. Kienholz, Edward, Back Seat Dodge '38, view, 1964. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
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