ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell
Lecture 2: Abstract Expressionism #2

1. Kooning, Willem de, Seated Woman, whole.
2. Kooning, Willem de, photo with wife Elaine in their studio, studio at 4th Ave and 12th street, c.1950.
3. Kooning, Willem de, Woman I, whole.
4. Kooning, Willem de, Pink Lady, 1944.
5. Venus of Willendorf, whole, right angle view, limestone.
6. Kooning, Willem de, Woman I, whole.
7. Kooning, Willem de, Study for Woman, detail, "T-zone" from Camel Cigarette ad, Time Magazine.
8. Kooning, Willem de, Woman I, detail, head and shoulders, 1950-52.
9. Braque, Georges, Portuguese, whole.
10. Kooning, Willem de, Gotham-News, whole, 1955-56.
11. Kline, Franz, Pennsylvania Landscape, 1948-1949.
12. Kline, Franz, Photo of artist by M. Lazarus.
13. Kline, Franz, New York, 1953. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
14. Kline, Franz, New York, whole, 1953.
15. Abbott, Berenice, New York, 1932.
16. Kline, Franz, Butress, 1956. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
17. Newman, Barnett, Pagan Void, whole.
18. Newman, Barnett, Photo of Newman on New York waterfront, block from his studio on Front Street, 1965.
19. Newman, Barnett, The Command, whole.
20. Giacometti, Alberto, Tall Figure, whole.
21. Newman, Barnett, Onement I, whole.
22. Newman, Barnett, Barnett Newman in his Studio.
23. Newman, Barnett, Genetic Moment, whole.
24. Newman, Barnett, Onement no.2, whole.
25. Giacometti, Alberto, City Square, 1949. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
26. Newman, Barnett, Vir Heroicus Sublimis, whole, 1950-51.
27. Newman, Barnett, Stations of the Cross: No. 3, whole, 1960.
28. Newman, Barnett, Stations of the Cross: No. 1, whole, 1958.
29. Newman, Barnett, Here I, whole, 1950.
30. Newman, Barnett, Outcry, 1958.
31. Rothko, Mark, Subway Station, 1938.
32. Rothko, Mark, Photo of Mark Rothko exhibiton installation at Betty Parson's Gallery, New York, 1950.
33. Rothco, Mark, The Entombment, 1946. (Copyright Protection. Duplication Forbidden)
34. Rothko, Mark, Baptismal Scene, 1945.
35. Matisse, Henri, Red Studio, whole.
36. Rothko, Mark, Multiform, whole.
37. Friedrich, Caspar David, Monk by the Sea, whole.
38. Rothko, Mark, Number 10, 1950.
39. Rothko, Mark, Untitled, whole, 1951.
40. Rothko, Mark, Red Yellow Orange, whole.
41. The Irascible eighteen: de Kooning, Gottlieb, Reinhardt, Sterne, Pousette-Dart, Baziotes, Ernst, Pollock, Brooks, Still. Motherwell, Tomlin, Stamos, Newman and Rothko.
42. Picasso, Pablo, Guernica, whole.
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