ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell

Lecture 15

1. Serrano, Andres, Photo of the artist, photographing Klan member somewhere in Georgia.
2. Serrano, Andres, Klansman (Great Titan of the Invisible Empire), whole.
3. Serrano, Andres, Milk, Blood, whole, 1986.
4. Anonymous, Madonna della Catena, whole.
5. Serrano, Andres, Milk Cross, whole.
6. Serrano, Andres, Bloodstream, whole.
7. Serrano, Andres, Heaven and Hell, whole.
8. Poussin, Nicolas, Martyrdom of St. Erasmus, 1629.
9. Serrano, Andres, Female Bust, whole.
10. Serrano, Andres, Piss Christ, whole.
11. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Self Portrait, 1980.
12. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Andy Warhol, 1986.
13. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Patti Smith-Horses, 1975.
14. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Orchid, whole.
15. Mapplethorpe, Robert, The Slave, whole.
16. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Ajitto, whole.
17. Mapplethorpe, Robert, Dan, whole.
18. Mapplethorpe, Robert, X Portfolio, Patrice, 1977.
19. Adolf Hitler in front of Dada Wall at "Entartete Kunst", Munich.
20. Haring, Keith, Untitled, whole.
21. Haring, Keith, Untitled, NW corner of Houston St. and the Bowery.
22. Gran Fury, Silence=Death from "Let the Record Show", installation view.
23. Haring, Keith, Untitled, whole.
24. Wojnarowicz, David, Water, whole.
25. Wojnarowicz, David, Still from Silence=Death of David Wojnarowicz with mouth sewn shut.
26. Group Material, Untitled, bus placard on back of bus in Hartford, CT.
27. Group Material, AIDS Timeline, view, 1987.
28. Wojnarowicz, David, Death of American Spirituality, whole.
29. Gran Fury, Kissing Doesn't Kill: Greed and Indifference Do, whole.
30. Group Material, AIDS Timeline, view: AIDS quilt.
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