ARTH 287

20th Century Art: 1945-Now
Professor: Shell

Lecture 13: Appropriation; Simulation/ Neo-Geo

1. Evans, Walker, Allie Mae Burrough. Hale Co., AL., 1936.
2. Levine, Sherrie, After Walker Evans:4, whole.
3. Levine, Sherrie, Untitled (After Edward Weston), whole.
4. Classical, early 4th C., Youth from Eleusis, front.
5. Levine, Sherrie, After Piet Mondrian, whole.
6. Levine, Sherrie, Self-Portrait after Egon Schiele, whole.
7. Levine, Sherrie, Fountain (After Duchamp), front.
8. Stieglitz, Alfred, Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, whole: gelatin silver print.
9. Duchamp, Marcel, Fountain, Ready-made.
10. Kruger, Barbara, Untitled, Your gaze hits the side of my face.
11. Kruger, Barbara, Untitled (We won't play nature to your culture), whole.
12. Kruger, Barbara, Your Body is a Battleground (postcard), whole.
13. Kruger, Barbara, Untitled (Your Comfort is My Silence), whole.
14. Kruger, Barbara, Surveillance is their Busy Work, view on billboard in Sydney.
15. Kruger, Barbara, Untitled (You invest in the Divinity of the Masterpiece), whole.
16. Kruger, Barbara, I Shop Therefore I Am (tote bag), whole.
17. Holzer, Jenny, Selections from Truisms, street installation NYC.
18. Holzer, Jenny, Trusims, installation: NY: Marine Midland Bank Lobby.
19. Holzer, Jenny, Selection from áTruisms', view of billboard installed in Central Square, 1987.
20. Holzer, Jenny, Selection from áTruisms', installation at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.
21. Holzer, Jenny, Selection from áTruisms', "Money Creates Taste" on spectacolor board, Times Square, NYC.
22. Holzer, Jenny, Survival Series, Spectator Board, Times Square, NY. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
23. Holzer, Jenny, Untitled, Installation view of J. Holzer exhibition. 17 Indian Red Granite Benches.
24. Holzer, Jenny, Untitled, installation of view of Holzer exhibition, Guggenheim, Dec.12, 1989-Feb.25, 1990.
25. Halley, Peter, Day Glo Prison, whole.
26. Halley, Peter, Prison with Underground Conduit.
27. Halley, Peter, Blue Cell with Triple Conduit, whole.
28. Mondrian, Piet, Composition with red, yellow, and blue, 1927.
29. Halley, Peter, Two Cells with Circulating Conduit, whole.
30. Newman, Barnett, Vir Heroicus Sublimis, whole.
31. McCollum, Allan, Photo from TV with Painting #176, detail, 1982-9.
32. McCollum, Allan, Surrogates.
33. McCollum, Allan, Photo from TV with Painting #10, whole.
34. McCollum, Allan, Perpetual Photo #10, whole.
35. McCollum, Allan, Surrogates on Location, photograph from TV, 1982-89.
36. McCollum, Allan, Surrogate Paintings, installation in PaineWebber Reception area, NY.
37. McCollum, Allan, Individual Works, installation view, 1983.
38. McCollum, Allan, Over 10,000 Individual Works (Coral), whole: view, 1987-88.
39. Steinbach, Haim, Dramatic yet Neutral, 1984.
40. Steinbach, Haim, Country Weave, 1985.
41. Koons, Jeff, New Hoover Convertible, Selton Wet/Dry Double Decker. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
42. Koons, Jeff, Art in America Ad, whole.
43. Koons, Jeff, Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank, whole.
44. Koons, Jeff, St. John the Baptist, whole.
45. Koons, Jeff, Bourgeois bust - Jeff and Ilona, whole.
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