ARTH 251

Early Renaissance in Italy
Professor: Pastore
Lecture 8: The Fourteenth Century - Republican Art

1. Bellini, Gentile, Procession in Piazza S. Marco, whole, Venice.
2. San Marco, Treasury: Pala d'Oro, 1105, full view, Venice.
3. San Marco, Treasury: Pala d'Oro, (altar frontal) center bottom section with Christ in Judgement with Four Evangelists.
4. Veneziano, Paolo, Pala Feriale-Cover for Pala d'Oro, detail of Miracle of St. Mark, 1345.
5. San Marco, Baptistry, interior, view of mosaics and tomb of Andrea Dandolo, Venice.
6. SS. Giovanni e Paolo, exterior, view of gothic facade, Venice.
7. SS. Giovanni e Paolo, interior, view, Venice. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
8. Palazzo Ducale, ground plan, Venice.
9. Buon, Bartolommeo, Palazzo Ducale, exterior, aerial view from basin, Venice.
10. Palazzo Ducale, exterior, piazzetta facade, Venice.
11. Rizzo, Antonio, Palazzo Ducale, sculpture, Drunkeness of Noah Ridiculed by his Sons, 15th century, Venice. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
12. Rizzo, Antonio, Palazzon Ducale, sculpture: Judgement of Solomon, 1345-1438, Venice.
13. Guariento di Arpo, Coronation of the Virgin, c. 1390, Venice.
14. Pisanello, Drawing for Emperor Frederick Barbarossa Receiving the Entreaties of His Son for Peace, composition for comission for Great Council Hall Doge's Palace, c. 1409-1415.
15. Jacobello del Fiore, Enthroned Justice Flanked by St. Michael the Archangel and the Angel Gabriel, for the offices of the Magistrato del Proprio, Doge's Palace Venice, 1421.
16. Giovanni di Simone, Camposanto, courtyard, begun 1278. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
17. Master of the Triumph of Death, Last Judgement, view prior to 1944.
18. Master of the Triumph of Death, Triumph of Death, view prior to 1944.
19. Alberti, Leon Battista, S. Maria Novella, interior, Strozzi Chapel, view from nave, Florence.
20. Orcagna (Andrea di Cione), Strozzi Altarpiece, whole, Florence.
21. Nardo di Cione, Strozzi Chapel, Paradise; view of wall.
22. Lippo Memmi, Triumph of St. Thomas Altarpiece, whole.
23. Talenti, Francesco, Orsanmichele, interior, view towards altar of St. Anne, Florence.
24. Orcagna (Andrea di Cione), Orsanmichele, Tabernacle, whole; view.
25. Daddi, Bernardo, Madonna and Child with Eight Angels, panel in the tabernacle by Orcagna, 1347.
26. Orcagna (Andrea di Cione), Orsanmichele, Tabernacle, two details: Angel w/ Sheaf & Cornucopia; Deathe & Assumption of the Virgin.
27. Orcagna (Andrea di Cione), Burial and Assumption of the Virgin, back wall of tabernacle, 1355-1359.
28. Giovanni del Biondo, St. John the Evangelist, commissioned by the Arte della Seta, c.1381.
29. Giotto di Bondone, Arena Chapel, Raising of Lazarus, restored.
30. Gaddi, Agnolo, Self-Portrait with Taddeo and Gaddo Gaddi, 1380.
31. Gaddi, Agnolo, Story of the True Cross, Israelites find the Beam and Make the Cross for Christ.
32. Gaddi, Agnolo, Story of the True Cross, The Discovery and Testing of the True Cross.
33. Gerini, Niccolo di Pietro, Orphans Assigned to their New Parents, 1386.
34. Palazzo Davanzati, Interior with Scenes of the Chatelaine de Vergi, c.1390, Florence.
35. Palazzo Davanzati, Interior with Scenes of the Chatelaine de Vergi , detail of fresco, c. 1390.
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