ARTH 222/622
The Aegean Bronze Age: Minoan, Mycenaean, and Cycladic Art
Instructor: Elizabeth Shank
TR 12-1:30

Course Description

Explore the palaces of Crete, the citadels of Mainland Greece, and the town of Akrotiri on Thera, buried under meters of volcanic ash. In this survey of Aegean Bronze Age Art and Architecture we will examine the roots of ancient Greek culture. Special attention will be paid to the unique pottery, wall paintings, and metal artifacts which form the rich assemblage of clues to the lives of these prehistoric people. Our class will visit the University of Pennsylvania Museum three times over the semester to personally study artifacts in the Museum's collection. Several short papers will be assigned throughout the semester, culminating in a final research paper, and three debates on current topics within the field will be held. Graduate students will be responsible for a graduate level research paper.

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