ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 7: EM Pottery, Chrysiokamino and the Hagia Photia

1. Pyrgos Ware, Pedestalled Bowl.
2. Pyrgos Ware, Chalice.
3. Aghios Onouphria, 2 Handled Bowl.
4. Hagia Phoyia Aghios Onouphrious, Ware Pitcher.
5. Lebena Ware.
6. Fine Gray Ware from Gournia, Pyxis on Stand.
7. Teapot w/ Butterfly pattern, Koumasa Ware.
8. Vase in Shape of a Snake Goddess, Koumasa Ware.
9. Koumasa Ware: Pitcher and Spouted Bowl from Koumasa.
10. Teapot and Goblet Vasiliki Ware.
11. Vasiliki Ware Vessels, Early Minoan IIB.
12. White on Dark Ware Restored Cups, from Gournia, Early Minoan III.
13. Mochlos Teapot, Early Minoan III.
14. Mochlos Figurine Vessel, Early Minoan III.
15. Hagia Photia View of Cemetery.
16. Aghios Onouphrios Ware Vase from Hagia Photia, Early Minoan I.
17. Hagia Photia Pyrgos Ware, Chalice, Early Minoan I.
18. Crucible from Hagia Photia.
19. Cylindrical Pyxides; drawing.
20. Cylindrical Pyxis, Kampos Group, Cycladic Import from Hagia Photia.
21. Spherical Pyxis, Kampos Group, Cycladic Import from Hagia Photia.
22. Spherical Pyxides Drawing.
23. Pedestalled Bowl from Hagia Photia.
24. Pedestalled Bowl from Hagia Photia.
25. Bowl with Tab Handle from Hagia Photia.
26. Cycladic Bottles from Hagia Photia.
27. Animal Shaped Bottle from Hagia Photia.
28. Chisels from Hagia Photia.
29. Daggers from Hagia Photia.
30. Obsidian Blades from Hagia Photia.
31. Hagia Photia Stone Tools.
32. Chrysokamino, view of site.
33. Chrysokamino, furnace fragments.
34. Chrysokamino, slag with copper.
35. Chrysokamino, aerial view of apsidal building.
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