ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 6: EM Architecture

1. Em I & II Houses from Phaistos and Vasiliki, plans.
2. Vasiliki, general view.
3. EM II Ossuaries from Roussolakkos, Arkhanis, and Gournia, plan.
4. EM II Chamber Tombs, Palaikastro and Gournia, plan.
5. Early Minoan IIB, Gold Jewelry from Mochlos.
6. Tholoi at Koumasa, plan.
7. Tholoi at Koumasa, view.
8. Kamilari Tholos, aerial view.
9. Early Minoan IIA, Tholos from Koumasan.
10. Tholoi at Koumasa, wall.
11. Platanos, Seal in the form of a Crouching Monkey.
12. Egyptian Scarab (12th Dyn.) from Lebena, EM Tombs.
13. Early Minoan IIB, Stone and Ivory figurines and amulets and gold ornaments from Platanos.
14. Platanos, Stone vases from tholos, alabastra bird's nest.
15. Platanos, Stone Vases from Tholos.
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