ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 5:

  PART 1
1. Gold pin with birds from Lemnos, view.
2. Gold Earrings from Lemnos, view.
3. Silver Pin from Amorgos, view.
4. Needle Pin, tweezers & spatula from Syros, view.
5. Bronze Spear Heads from Episkopi, view.
6. Bronze Dagger and Lancehead from Amorgos, view.
7. Silver Diadem w/Punched decoration from Syros, view.
8. Marble footed Bowl from Melos, view.
9. Kandili Shaped Marble Vase from Naxos.
10. Steatite Footed Pyxis from Naxos, view.
11. Steatite House from Melos, view.
  PART 2
1. Schematic Marble Figurines from Lebedos, view.
2. Cycladic Male figurine from Plastiras, view.
3. Spedos Female Figure, proportion drawing. E. Hendrix.
4. Goulandris Master, Early Cycladic II, Late Spedos Type Female Figure, front.
5. Kapsala Type Female Figure, two views and detail of head.
6. Dokathismata Male Figure, two views.
7. Cycladic Folded Arm Figurine, view.
8. Folded Arm Figurine from Amorgos, view.
9. Canonical FAF, Early Cycladic II.
10. Cycladic Harp Player.
11. Harp Player, detail of face.
12. Keros-Flautist.
13. Mother and Child Figurine, view.
14. Marble Seated Figurine.
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