ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 4: Early Cycladic Architecture and Pottery

1. Cycladic Siphnos Pyxis with Incised detail, shape confined to this period.
2. Ayia Irini, Kea, early cycladic and middle cycladic structures.
3. Triple Spouted Sauceboat from Syros.
4. Frying Pan, terracotta.
5. Terracotta vase w/incised sun, spirals and fish from Naxos.
6. Marble Lidded Kandili from Naxos, view.
7. Hedgehog.
8. 3 Jars with Impressed Spirals, footed jars.
9. Kastri Syros, plan.
10. Tankards from Syros.
11. Phylakopi, beaked jug.
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