ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 3: Early Helladic Period

1. Plan of Lerna III.
2. Fortification Wall, view.
3. Fortification Wall, remains of towers.
4. House of Tiles before Roof.
5. House of Tiles from Lerna III, interior.
6. Seals from the House of Tiles.
7. Small Handleless Bowls.
8. Sauceboats from Level II Lerna.
9. Lerna IV, plan of the town.
10. Apsidal Building from Lerna IV.
11. Tumulus from Lerna Level III/IV, view of a portion.
12. Hybrid Tankard, Ouzo Cup from Lerna IV.
13. Suspension Amphora from Lerna.
14. Light on Dark Fragments from Lerna, Level IV.
15. Ufiris Ware deposit from Lerna IV.
16. Minyan Ware Cup, provenance unknown, whole.
17. Orchomenos, Cup, Minyan Ware, whole.
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