ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank

Lecture 21: Late Helladic Burial Items

1. Cups with Spiral and Floral Motifs, c.1550 BCE., Mycenae.
2. Kantharos, c.1550 BCE, Mycenae.
3. Mycenae Shaft Grave IV. Nestor Cup, c. 1550-1500 BC, Nestor Cup, Mycenae.
4. Cup with Plant Motif, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
5. Cup w/ Rosettes, Tomb IV. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
6. Gold Lion's Head Rhyton from Grave IV, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
7. Silver Bull's Head Rhyton from Grave IV, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
8. Mycenae Shaft Grave V. Hexagonal Box, c. 1550-1500 BC.
9. Mycenae Shaft Grave V. Hexagonal Box, gold repouse overlays from box, c. 1550-1500 BC.
10. Gold Jewellry from Tomb III, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
11. Repousse Octopodai, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
12. Child's Foil Body Cover, c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
13. Funerary Masks., c. 1650 BCE, Mycenae.
14. Funeral Mask of Prince from Mycenae Grave 5.
15. Gold Funerary Mask from Tomb V, Mycenae.
16. Funerary Mask, c. 1650 BCE, Mycenae.
17. Mycenae Shaft Grave III. Pin with Nature Goddess, c. 1525 BC.
18. Mycenae Shaft Grave III. Pin with Nature Goddess, detail: goddess.
19. Dagger and Sword from Tomb V, grave Circle A, LH I, Mycenae.
20. Sword Handle, c. 1500 BCE., Mycenae.
21. Bronze Daggers with Inlay of Hunting Scenes from Tomb IV, LH I, Mycenae.
22. Late Helladic, Bronze Daggers from Mycenae, detail.
23. Dagger Inlaid with Lion and Gazelles from Grave IV at Mycenae, detail: lions attacking men.
24. Mycenae Shaft Grave III. Two Seals:Lion and Lion Combat. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
25. Seal with Fighters., c. 1550 BCE, Mycenae.
26. Aegean Signet from Mycenae, Religious Scene with Goddess & Labrys, Mycenae. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
27. Chamber Tomb 91: Golden Signet Ring, LH II/LM, Mycenae.
28. Chamber Tomb 71: Gold Plated Silver Ring, LM/ LHI-LHII, Mycenae.
29. Mycenean-Late Bronze Age, Tiryns. Signet Ring,
30. Vapheio Cup, Kicking Bull, c. 1550-1450 BCE.
31. Vapheio Cup I , detail, Bull in net.
32. Vapheio Cup I, detail, bull in net.
33. Vapheio Cup I, whole.
34. Vapheio Cup I, detail, charging bull.
35. Vapheio Cup II, bulls facing each other.
36. Vapheio Cup II, detail.
37. Vapheio Cup, Bulls Facing Each Other, c. 1550-1450 BCE.
38. Vapheio Cup II, detail, tethered bull.
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