ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank

Lecture 20: Late Helladic Architecture: Tiryns, Mycenae, The Treasury of Artreus

1. Tiryns Citadel Palace, plan showing original and reconstructed walls.
2. Tiryns Wall.
3. Tiryns Corbelled galleries.
4. Mycenaean Citadel, approach to main gate, c.1600-1100 BC, Tiryns. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
5. Tiryns Looking Through Main Gate (Second Interior Gate).
6. Tiryns Side of Main Entry.
7. Tiryns Entrance to Megaron.
8. Tiryns Megaron.
9. Tiryns Megaron, remains of the throne base LHIIIA.
10. Tiryns Citadel Palace, restored perspective interior.
11. Mycenae Citadel, plan.
12. Mycenae Citadel, reconstruction.
13. Mycenae Citadel, aerial view.
14. Mycenae, general view.
15. Mycenae Citadel, boy outside citadel wall.
16. Mycenae, Entrance: Lion Gate.
17. Mycenae, Lion Gate, view of relief from below, 13th C. BC.
18. Mycenae Citadel, view of Lion Gate.
19. Mycenae Grave Circle A.
20. Mycenae Grave Circle A, entrance and perimeter wall.
21. Mycenae Grave Circle A, limestone grave marker from Shaft grave V (LHI).
22. Mycenae Postern Gate, view.
23. Cistern at Mycenae, entrance before reconstruction.
24. Cistern at Mycenae, interior.
25. Palace, interior, view of megaron from north, Mycenae.
26. Palace, interior, view from megaron above, Mycenae.
27. Palace, cutaway reconstruction, Mycanae.
28. Treasury of Atreus, sections, plan, Mycenae.
29. Treasury of Atreus, exterior, dromos wall, Mycenae. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
30. Treasury of Atreus, exterior, Mycenae.
31. Treasury of Atreus, sculpture: facade column, London with fragments of entablature, Mycenae.
32. Treasury of Atreus, reconstruction of door after Donaldson, Mycenae.
33. Treasury of Atreus, interior, general view, Mycenae.
34. Treasury of Atreus, interior: view into roof, Mycenae.
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