ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 2: Neolithic Greece

1. Frachthi Cave Burial Ground (Porto Cheli), exterior.
2. Dhimini, site plan.

Dhimini, general view.

4. Sesklo, site plan.
5. Sesklo, general view.
6. Sesklo-Mudbrick wall.
7. Sesklo-Fortification wall.
8. Sesklo-Fortification wall.
9. Sesklo-Fortification wall, detail.
10. Neolithic offering Table.
11. Clay birthing figurines from Sesklo.
12. Figurine from Sesklo: Mother and Child.
13. Nea Nikomedia Neolithic Clay Figurine.
14. Monochrome Vase from Sesklo.
15. Early Painted Vase from Sesklo.
16. Neolithic Jar with Incising.
17. Painted Bowl from Tsangli.
18. Painted Cup Solid Style from Tzani/Magoula.
19. Painted Urfirnis from Franchthi Cave.
20. Painted Bowl from Tsangli.
21. Painted Urfirnis from Franchthi Cave.
22. Residential Type Clay Model of House from Settlement at Myrrini Kardisa (1972).
23. Bowl Classic Dimini Style from Sesklo, Frachthi.
24. Dhimini, Jar.
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