ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 14: MMIII-LMI Pottery

1. Piriform Jar, Floral Landscape motif, Kommos.
2. Spouted jar with floral landscape motif, Kamares cave.
3. Kommos Rhyton, Middle Minoan III, Phaistos.
4. Bridge Spouted Jar from Pseira., Late Minoan IA.
5. Bull from Pseira, Late Minoan IB.
6. Bulls Head Rhyton from Mochlos.
7. Rhyton Bull with Acrobats attached to horns from Domed Tomb at Porti.
8. Late Bronze, Reed Style Jug.
9. Fruit Stand and Stirrup Jar from West Wing Storerooms, Zakros, fruitstand (left) and jar (right).
10. Rhyton with Double Axes, LM IB, Porti.
11. Marine Style Stirrup Jar from Gournia, LM IB.
12. Marine Style Ovoid Rhyton from Zakros, LM IB.
13. Marine Style Ovoid Rhyton from Pseira, LM IB.
14. Marine Style Ovoid Rhyton from Pseira, LM IB.
15. Amphora from Palaikastro, 1500 B.C. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
16. Marine Style Conical Rhyton, LM IB.
17. Marseilles Ewer, Marine Style, LM IB.
18. Marine Style Jug from Poros, LM IB-II.
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