ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 13: Second Palace Period Architecture

1. West Magazine.
2. Minoan tablet with Linear A script & Minoan Tablet w/ Linear B Script, c1700 BC & 1400 BC, Knossos.
3. Knossos: Southwest entrance, 2nd Palace period.
4. Cup Bearer fresco from Knossos Palace, Late Minoan II.
5. Knossos, House on Southern Side of Knossos Palace.
6. Knossos, Queen's Megaron.
7. Knossos, Palace, interior, Queens Megaron, dolphin fresco.
8. Knossos, Palace, interior bathroom at east end.
9. Knossos, Drain.
10. Knossos, Mason's Mark.
11. Phaistos Palace, plan detailing 2nd Palace Period structure.
12. Phaistos Facade of the Second Palace with Monumental Staircase.
13. Phaistos Corridor of the West storerooms from the West, Neoplalatial.
14. Phaistos central court and north end of Palace, 2nd Palace period.
15. Zakros, Hall of Ceremonies.
16. Zakros, Pillar Room and Hall of Ceremonies viewed from "Kitchen".
17. Zakros, Central Court viewed from "Kitchen".
18. Zakros, Detail of Altar in Central court.
19. Zakros, Southeast well.
20. Mallia general view.
21. Knossos, Palace, airview.
22. Knossos, Palace, plan.
23. Knossos, Palace, Royal Road.
24. Knossos, Palace, North Lustral basin, exterior.
25. Knossos, Interior of North Lustral Basin, Stairway.
26. Knossos, Custom's House, 2nd Palace period.
27. Knossos, Palace, North entrance.
28. Knossos, Palace, North Entrance, frontal.
29. Knossos, Palace, North Propylaeum with the Charging Bull, relief fresco. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
30. Knossos, Palace, North Entrance with Bull Cup, frontal.
31. Knossos, Central Tripartite Shrine.
32. Knossos, Palace, Central Court, looking east.
33. Knossos, Palace, Propylaia, Palace Facade.
34. Knossos Royal Palace, west staircase to central court, c.1600 BC.
35. Knossos, Temple Repositories, Middle Minoan II.
36. Snake Goddess from Knossos.
37. Snake Goddess from Knossos.
38. Knossos, Palace, interior, Throne room, general view of reconstruction.
39. Knossos, Palace, interior, restored light well, upper story, west wing. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
40. Knossos, Palace, magazines.
41. Mallia, Plan of Palace, MMII-LM.
42. Mallia, Palace, South Entrance.
43. Mallia, Palace, East Storage Magazines.
44. Mallia, Palace, East Magazines.
45. Mallia, Palace Hypostyle Hall with 6 Pillars, 2nd Palace period.
46. Mallia, Palace, North Portico of Central Court.
47. Mallia, Palace Grand Staircase, 2nd Palace Period.
48. Mallia Palace, Pillar Crypt.
49. Stone Kernos with 34 Depressions from Mallia, 2nd Palace Period.
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