ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 11: Kamares Ware and other MM 1-11 small finds

1. Kamares Jug from Knossos, Middle Minoan I-II, Knossos, Crete.
2. Kamares Jug from Phaistos.
3. Kamares Jar with Fish, Middle Minoan II.
4. Krater with Scultped Flowers, Old Palace of Phaistos.
5. Kamares Fruit Bowl from Phaistos, Middle Minoan II.
6. Four Kamares Carinated Cups from Phaistos, Phase Ib, Middle Minoan IIb.
7. Fruit Stand with Female Figures from Phaistos, Phase Ib., Middle Minoan IIb.
8. Kamares [Bowl] with Figures Dancing Around a Deity from Phaistos., Old Palace, Middle Minoan II.
9. Pseira, Tomb II.
10. Stone Vase (Bird's Nest Bowl) from Pseira, Middle Minoan I-II.
11. Mochlos, Blossom Bowl.
12. Pseira, Stone Vase.
13. Two Handled Silver Cup from Gournia., Middle Minoan I-II.
14. Kantharos from Gournia, watercolor rendering.
15. Seal Shapes and Late Minoan I Disc Seal w/Human Head & Bull Head, Little Palace, Knossos, Crete.
16. White Agate Prism, Green Jasper Prism, and Carnelian Prism.
17. Yellow Jasper Loop Signet, Green Jasper Loope Signet, Chalcedony Loop Signet.
18. Knossos Hieroglyphic Deposit Sealings.
19. Three Sided Seal with Cat and Hieroglyphics.
20. Carnelian Stamp in form of Hand, Palaikastro in form of Sleeping Duck.
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