ARTH 222

Aegean Bronze Age
Professor: Shank
Lecture 10: First Palace Period Architecture

1. Phaistos, view.
2. Phaistos First Palace.
3. Phaistos First Palace, west blocks and west courts at Phaistos (A), Knossos (B), and Mallia (C).
4. Phaistos First Palace.
5. Phaistos First Palace, west court.
6. Phaistos Theatrical Area and Protopalatial Shrine, Middle Minoan I.
7. Female Figurine from Phaistos, First Palace Period, front.
8. Female Figurine from Phaistos, First Palace Period, profile.
9. Bull Figurines from Phaistos, First Palace Period, group of three.
10. Phase Ib Kamares Bridge Spouted Jugs from Phaistos, view of two.
11. Postpalatial Road Cuts through a Koulore, 13th C. BC.
12. Plan of Knossos Palace.
13. Knossos, Palace, Theater.
14. Koulousas.
15. Knossos, Palace, Kouloures, interior.
16. Knossos, Throne Room Exterior.
17. Knossos Palace Throne Room, Lambert's reconstruction of interior.
18. Knossos, Palace, Throne Room.
19. Knossos, Palace Throne Room, view with restored columns, looking west.
20. Mallia Palace, aerial view.
21. Kouloures at Mallia, view.
22. House A, Quartier Mu, Mallia, First Palace Period.
23. Quartier Mu, Mallia, plan.
24. Lustral Basin, Mallia, Second Palace Period, Late Minoan.
25. Ayia Photia.
26. Ayia Photia.
27. Chamaizi, Crete, Piskoephalo Valley, Siteia., Middle Minoan I.
28. Chamaizi, plan.
29. Chamaiyi, aerial view.
30. Chamaizi, view towards Siteia Bay.
31. Middle Minoan I Peak Sanctuaries, plans.
32. Petsophas Sacntuary Male Worshipper., c.2100-1800 BC.
33. Statuettes from Petsofa and Chamaizi.
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