ARTH 211

Arts of Afghanistan & Indian Himalayas
Professor: Klimburg-Salter
Lecture 8

1. Small Buddha Niche, view, Bamiyan.
2. Small Buddha Niche, artist's rendering of frescoes, Bamiyan.
3. Big Buddha Niche, head and paintings, 6th-7th Century, Bamiyan.
4. Gandhara, Kushan period, Maitreya Preaching to an Audience, c. 3rd Century.
5. Big Buddha Niche, Bamiyan.
6. Temple at Kakrak, ceiling painting: Mandala with Buddha preaching.
7. Bamiyan Cave 24, diagram of painting in domed ceiling.
8. Bamiyan Niche E, soffit of niche.
9. Bamiyan Cave 530, niche fresco.
10. Bamiyan Cave K: Bodhisattva, 7th Century.
11. Caves Between Buddhas at Bamiyan, figures in crown of niche, Bamiyan.
12. Bamiyan Niche 'i', fresco detail: crowned Buddha.
13. Bamiyan Cave 497, fresco detail: north wall, seated Buddha.
14. Bamiyan Cave N, reconstruction of painting.
15. Bamiyan Cave 471, east wall, worshipping deity.
16. Bamiyan Cave 471, west wall, three deities.
17. Rock-Cut Engravings, Indus Valley, Pakistan.
18. Rock-Cut Engravings, detail, Indus Valley, Pakistan.
19. Crowned Buddha, front, India, Kashmir.
20. Crowned Buddha, detail of head, India, Kashmir.
21. Crowned Buddha, front, 679/680, Gilgit, Pakistan.
22. Maya Cave, Maitreya with Attendants, detail, 7th Century, Bamiyan.
23. Small Buddha Niche, soffit painting of sun god, Bamiyan.
24. Small Buddha Niche, fresco: right, Bodhisattva and two donors, 2nd-3rd Century, Bamiyan.
25. Big Buddha Niche, reconstruction of painting, Bamiyan.
26. Gandhara, Kushan period, Standing Buddha, front.
27. Caves Between Buddhas at Bamiyan, "Blue Bodhisattva".
28. Temple at Kakrak, reconstruction of painting in dome.
29. Bamiyan Cave 388, fresco: dome ceiling painting, diagram.
30. Bamiyan Niche E, reconstruction of painting.
31. Bamiyan Cave II.
32. Caves Between Buddhas at Bamiyan, crown of niche, Bamiyan.
33. Bamiyan Niche 'i' soffit painting, detail.
34. Bamiyan Cave N, reconstruction of paintings.
35. Bamiyan Cave N, reconstruction of painting.
36. Bamiyan Cave 471, east wall, Buddha.
37. Bamiyan Cave N, reconstruction of painting.
38. Rock-Cut Engravings, Indus Valley, detail, Pakistan.
39. Rock-Cut Engravings, Indus Valley, detail, Pakistan.
40. Buddha Aksobha, front, 8th Century, Gilgit, Pakistan.
41. Crowned Buddha, front, detail, 8th Century, Northern Pakistan.
42. Charang Rang-Ring, front.
43. Maya Cave, Maitreya w/ attendants. Berlin: Museum of Indian Art III 8836, Kizil.
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