ARTH 211

Arts of Afghanistan & Indian Himalayas
Professor: Klimburg-Salter
Lecture 1

1. Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
2. Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
3. 55 meter Buddha, Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
4. Pakistan and Afghanistan, geographical, physical and political map.
5. Kusana-Sassanian Pot, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan.
6. Surkh Kotal, detail, Afghanistan.
7. Ghulbiyan painting, Afghanistan.
8. Ghulbiyan painting, Afghanistan.
9. 55 meter Buddha plan, Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
10. Sikri Stupa, Pakistan.
11. Shotorok, Afghanistan.
12. Wunder versus Sravasti, Wunder versus Sravasti, Pakistan -- Afghanistan.
13. Maitreya from Gandhara, Pakistan.
14. Shahr i-zohak, Afghanistan.
15. Nigar, Afghanistan.
16. Bactrian Document, Afghanistan.
17. Surkh Kotal, Afghanistan.
18. Gold Coins with Kanisha I and Buddha.
19. Steinbock, Ram, Afghanistan.
20. 38 meter Buddha, Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
21. Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
22. Map of Central Hindu Kush, Afghanistan.
23. 55 meter Buddha, Bamiyan, Afghanistan.
24. Parinirvana from Gandhara, Pakistan.
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