ARTH 106

Architect in History
Professor: Haselberger
Week 7

1. Map of The Roman Empire From Diocletian to Justinian.
2. Map of Empire of Charlemagne at the Beginning of the 9th Century.
3. Carolingian, Cloisters, model of complex, Lorsch, Germany.
4. Carolingian, Cloisters, exterior, entrance hall.
5. Colosseum, exterior detail, 72-80 AD, Rome.
6. Lorsch Abbey, Torhalle, interior, upper hall, painted decoration, c.770 - c.800, Lorsch, Germany.
7. Pantheon, exterior, detail of lettering, Rome.
8. Lorsch Abbey, Organ Capitals from Fulda at Marburg Museum, c.770 - c.800, Lorsch, Germany.
9. Vitruvius, Selestat Bibliotheque et Achives Municipales ms.17, f.36r: Doric and Ionic capitals,10th century.
10. Vitruvius, Selestat Bibliotheque et Achives Municipales ms.17, f.35v: cornice, 10th century.
11. Vitruvius, British Library Harley 2767, f.16v: winds, 9th century.
12. Palatine Chapel, plan of chapel and palace, Aachen, Germany.
13. Palatine Chapel, model: view from southeast. Aachen, Germany.
14. Palatine Chapel, interior view, 780-830, Aachen, Germany.
15. Palatine Chapel, isometric drawing, Aachen, Germany.
16. Carolingian, Palatine Chapel, interior, dome, 792-805, Aachen, Germany.
17. Carolingian, Palatine Chapel, interior view looking up a mosaics, 780-830, Aachen, Germany.
18. Carolingian, Palatine Chapel, interior, view from gallery, 792-805, Aachen, Germany.
19. Great Mosque, interior, double columns of nave, c.772-863, Kairouan, Tunisia.
20. Great Mosque, interior, Mihrab-detail, capital of flanking column, Kairouan, Tunisia.
21. Great Mosque, interior, close view of gibla end of great axial nave, c. 772-863, Kairouan, Tunisia.
22. Great Mosque, exterior, door to minaret, c.772-863, Kairouan, Tunisia.

Great Mosque, exterior, bird's eye view, c. 772-863, Kairouan, Tunisia.

24. Great Mosque of Sidi Uqba, exterior, dome over entrance to prayer hall, present form 863.
25. St. Michael, interior, S transept, East end of building, Hildesheim, Germany. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
26. S. Michael, interior nave, Hildesheim, Germany.
27. S. Michael, exterior, distant view, Hildesheim, Germany.
28. St. Michael, Model in Hanover Museum, Germany.
29. St. Michael, Plan of Ottonian Church after Beseler, Hildesheim, Germany.
30. Hildesheim Cathedral, section, Hildesheim, Germany.
31. St. Michael, interior, nave with restored ceiling, Hildesheim, Germany.
32. Notre Dame, interior, nave looking toward choir, Paris, France.
33. St. Michael, interior nave, Hildesheim, Germany.
34. St. Michael, interior, detail of capital, c.1001-1033, Hildesheim, Germany.
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