ARTH 106

Architect in History
Professor: Haselberger
Week 2

1. Ictinus, Parthenon, detail of northwest corner, Athens, Acropolis. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
2. Ictinus, Parthenon, southwest corner of entablature, Athens, Acropolis.
3. Ictinus, Pantheon, exterior, aerial view towards facade, Rome, Italy.
4. Pantheon, exterior facade, c.118-28, Rome, Italy.
5. Ictinus, Parthenon, Total of East front, 447-432 BCE, Athens, Acropolis.
6. Ictinus, Parthenon, exterior, west facade, north corner, Athens, Acropolis.
7. Pantheon, exterior, detail of portico, c.120-25, Rome, Italy.
8. Pantheon, exterior, view from north,c.118-28, Rome, Italy.
9. Pantheon, exterior, S.E. view of drum from the rear, c.118-28, Rome, Italy.
10. Pantheon, model of Pantheon as first built, c.118-28, Rome, Italy.
11. Pantheon, exterior, south east view of drum from rear, c.118-28, Rome, Italy. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
12. Pantheon, model by Gismondi, Rome, Italy.
13. Pantheon, design by P. Comparini, Rome, Italy.
14. Pantheon, model, aerial view.
15. Pantheon, exterior, facade, Rome, Italy.
16. Pantheon, restored facade from eye level in antiquity, Rome, Italy.
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