ARTH 106

Architect in History
Professor: Haselberger
Week 10

1. Turkey, Ottoman Empire, 1:16 million.
2. Yesil Cami (Green Mosque), exterior south side, 15th century, Bursa.
3. Yesil Cami, plan including surroundings, 1424, Bursa.
4. Yesil Cami (Green Mosque- Mosque of Mehmet I), interior, view to qibla wall, 1424, Bursa.
5. Hagia Sophia, Ground plan after Antoniades: Individual Sections, Istanbul.
6. Sinan, Mimar, Sehzade Camii, ext: west elevation, Istanbul.
7. Sinan, Mimar, Mosque of Sehzade Mehmet, interior: pendentive transition to dome, 1548.
8. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Mosque Complex, exterior, distant view, Istanbul.
9. Suleymaniye Mosque Complex, plan w/mosque, turbe, madrassa, darussif, etc., Istanbul.
10. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Cami Complex, longitudinal section, 1550-1557, Istanbul.
11. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Cami Complex, ext: general view of the north east side, Istanbul. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
12. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Mosque Complex. Mosque, courtyard: arcade and entrance to mosque, Istanbul.
13. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Mosque Complex. Mosque, int: south end, distant view, Istanbul.
14. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Cami Complex. Mosque, interior: dome from angle, 1550-1557, Istanbul. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
15. Sinan, Mimar, Suleymaniye Cami Complex. Mosque, tilework: Qibla wall tiles, 1550-1557, Istanbul.
16. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, exterior view from west, 1567-1574, Edirne.
17. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, sectional isometric, Edirne.
18. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, plan, Edirne.
19. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, plan ground floor, 1567-1574, Edirne.
20. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, plan squinch level, 1567-1574, Erdirne.
21. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, plan, roof, 1567-1574, Edirne.
22. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, entrance to mosque, 1567-1574, Edirne.
23. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, view from northwest, 1567-1574, Edirne.
24. Sinan, Mimar, Selimiye Mosque, interior: view towards south west, 1567-1574, Edirne.
25. Mughal, Taj Mahal, view from entrance gate platform, 1632-1648, India, Agra.
26. Mughal, Baburnama, Baburnama, f.276: Babur Supervising the Laying Out of the Garden of Fidelity. By Bishnidas, portraits by Nanha.
27. Dome of the Rock, ext, full view, Jerusalem.
28. Timurid, Gur-i Amir, Exterior view of tomb chamber from courtyard, 1404, Uzbekistan, Samarkand.
29. Mughal, Tomb of Humayun, exterior: general view from distance, 1562-1572, India, Delhi.
30. Mausoleum of Itimudud Daulah, close up to tomb, Agra.
31. 13th century, Qutb. Quwwat al-Islam Mosque. Iltumish's Tomb, interior detail of doorway. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
32. Taj Mahal, cupola of mausoleum, close view, 1632-1648, India, Agra.
33. Taj Mahal, Plan & Section, Agra.
34. Taj Mahal, exterior, general view, Agra.
35. Temple of Apollo, ext: aerial view of ruins, Didyma.
36. Temple of Apollo, ext: view from east, Didyma.
37. Temple of Apollo, restoration, east end, Didyma.
38. Temple of Apollo, ext: view of columns - Haselberger on column, 1985.
39. Temple of Apollo, aerial view, begun c334 BC, Didyma.
40. Temple of Apollo, view of north side showing curvature, begun c.334 BC, Didyma.
41. Temple of Apollo, diagram of curvature of naiskos, Didyma.
42. Temple of Apollo, ext: adyton, general view from south west, Didyma.
43. Temple of Apollo, column w/working dwng of entasis construction in red, Didyma.
44. Temple of Apollo, redrawing inscribed lines on adytum base column profile w/photo actual base, Didyma.
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