ARTH 102

European Art and Civilization after 1400
Professor: Sidlauskas
Lecture 27: Andy Warhol

1. Warhol, Andy, Do-It-Yourself, whole, 1962.
2. Warhol, Andy, Dick Tracy, 1960.
3. Warhol, Andy, Ethel Scull Thirty-Six Times, 1963.
4. Warhol, Andy, Gold Marilyn Monroe, whole, 1962.
5. Warhol, Andy, Marilyn Monroe, whole1962.
6. Warhol, Andy, Six Marilyns, 1962 (Marilyn Six Pack).
7. Warhol, Andy, Marilyn Monroe's Lips, 1962.
8. Warhol, Andy, Liz [Taylor], whole, 1963.
9. Warhol, Andy, Blur Liz as Cleopatra, whole, 1963.
10. Warhol, Andy, Jackie, whole, 1964.
11. Warhol, Andy, Jackie (Jacqueline Kennedy), whole, 1964. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
12. Warhol, Andy, Jackie (Jacqueline Kennedy), whole, 1964.
13. Warhol, Andy, Jackie, whole, 1964.
14. Warhol, Andy, Tunafish Disaster, whole, 1963.
15. Warhol, Andy, Big Electric Chair, whole, 1967. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
16. Warhol, Andy, Early Electric Chair, whole, 1963.
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