ARTH 102

European Art and Civilization after 1400
Professor: Sidlauskas
Lecture 16

1. Rigaud, Hyacinthe, Louis XIV- Full Length Portrait, whole.
2. Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, Louis XIV, whole, front.
3. Girardon, Francois, Louis XIV. Equestrian Statue. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
4. Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, Louis XIV, three quarters view.
5. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, marble court, looking toeard corner, Versailles.
6. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, Garden Front from SW.
7. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, garden facade with reflecting pool and sculpture, Versailles. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
8. Le Notre, Andre, Chateau. Gardens, Plans with Kings'itinerary 1689, 1691-95, 1702-1704.
9. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, plan showing successive enlargements, Versailles.
10. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, plan of chapel and sleeping quarters, Versailles.
11. Chateau de Versailles, interior, Gallerie des Glaces: angle view of whole.
12. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, Basin of Latona, general view. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
13. La Vau, Louis, Palace of Versailles. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
14. Le Vau, Louis, Chateau, interior, Galerie des Glaces, detail, 1669-1685.
15. Le Notre, Andre, Chateau. Gardens, airview c.1960, Versailles.
16. Chateau. Basin of Latona, General view, Versailles.
17. Marsy, Gaspard, Chateau, Basin of Latona, view, Versailles.
18. Marsy, Gaspard, Chateau, Gardens, Basin of Latona, detail, pinnacle with Latona, Apollo and Diana, Versailles.
19. Marsy, Gaspard, Chateau. Gardens, Basin of Latona det. of mocking peasant as he metamorphoses into a frog, Versailles.
20. Chateau, Basin of Encelade Fountain, partial view, Versailles.
21. Le Notre, Andre, Chateau, Gardens, Basin of Apollo; detail of sculpture, 1669-1685, Versailles.
22. Pajou, Augustin, Chateau, interior, Louis XIV room, Versailles.
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