ARTH 101601

European Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Coates
Lecture 8

1. Marble Kore dedicated by Nikandre, Delos, whole, front.
2. Kore.
3. Kouros of Tenea, whole, front.
4. Youth from Athenian Acropolis, whole.
5. Exekias, Amphora from Vulci.
6. Cup from Vulci.
7. Relief from a Square base from Athens, view.
8. Basilica, Plaestum.
9. Doric and Ionic Orders (after Grinnell).
10. Temple of Zeus, West pediment reconstructed in Olmypia Museum, 472-457 BC.
11. Charioteer from the Sanctuary of Apollo, Delphi.
12. Myron, Discobolus, frontal view.
13. Polykleitos, Doryphorus, whole front.
14. Warrior from Riace.
15. Acropolis, Model:peak of architectural development: western view.
16. Ictinus, Parthenon, facade angle.
17. Parthenon, detail of frieze.
18. Parthenon, East pediment. detail, three fates.
19. Ictinus, Parthenon, plan restored.
20. Phidias, Athena Parthenos, reconstructed model.
21. Mnesikles, Erechtheum, exterior, caryatid porch.
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