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European Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Coates
Lecture 12

1. Basilica of Constantine, model by Gismondi, 306-310, Rome.
2. Baths of Diocletian, interior, central hall now S.M. degli Angeli, Rome.
3. Basilica of Constantine (Maxentius), exterior, view from Palatine, Rome.
4. Basilica of Constantine, plan, 306-310, Rome.
5. Basilica of Constantine, reconstruction, Rome.
6. Arch of Constantine, exterior, general view, south side, Rome.
7. Arch of Constantine, exterior, Right side of south front, Rome.
8. Corridor in Catacomb of Pamphilus, Rome.
9. Catacomb of Priscilla.Greek Chapel, Breaking of Bread, Rome.
10. Ceiling in Catacomb of Saints Peter and Marcellinus, Rome.
11. Good Shepherd, legs are restored.
12. Old S. Peter's, restoration by K.J. Conant, Rome.
13. Old S. Peter's, plan, Rome.
14. S. Costanza, cross-section, Rome.
15. S. Costanza, interior, view from entrance looking east, Rome.
16. S. Costanza, Vintage mosaic, c.330, Rome.
17. Early Christian, S. Sabina, plan, 422-32, Rome.
18. S. Pudenziana, apse mosaic: Christ enthroned in Majesty, Rome.
19. S. Maria Maggiore, interior, nave, Fuga, Rome.
20. S. Maria Maggiore, detail of mosaic The Annunciation on triumphal arch over the high altar.
21. S. Maria Maggiore, Mosaics: Israelites threatening revolt and The Stoning of Moses, Rome.
22. Virgil's Aeneid, Dido sacrificing.
23. Diptych: Symmachus and Nicomachus, right: Symmachi leaf, 388-401. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
24. Missorium of Emperor Theodosius.
25. Tomb of Galla Placidia, Mosaic: The Good Shepherd, Ravenna.
26. S. Simeon Stylites, exterior south facade, late 5th century, Kalat Siman, Syria.
27. Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, exterior general view, 532-537, Istanbul.
28. Hagia Sophia, interior, view from Gallery of the Empress, Istanbul.
29. Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, interior, view of dome, Istanbul.
30. Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, plan, Istanbul.
31. San Vitale, exterior, general view, Ravenna.
32. San Vitale, interior, view from altar toward back, Ravenna.
33. San Vitale, Ravenna.
34. San Vitale, mosaic, apse: Justinian and his Retinue. c.547, Ravenna.
35. San Vitale, plan, Ravenna.
36. Vienna Genesis, Rebecca and Eliezer, c.500.
37. Virgin and the Child enthroned between St. Theodore and St. George.
38. Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, mosaic: Virgin enthroned, Istanbul.
39. Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, hinged clasp, Suffolk.
40. Codex Amiatinus, f.Vr: Prophet Ezra rewriting the Sacred Records.
41. Early Medieval, Book of Kells, incarnation initial, late 8th or early 9th Century.
42. Bewcastle cross, Bewcastle, Cumbria.
43. Palatine Chapel, interior, view, Aachen.
44. Palatine Chapel, axonometric reconstruction, Aachen.
45. Palatine Chapel, plan, Aachen.
46. S. Gall Monastery.
47. Lorsch Abbey, Torhalle, exterior, c.770 - c.800, Germany.
48. Coronation Gospels, f.178v: St. John.
49. Ebbo Gospels, f.18v: St. Mark.
50. Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Saints, Ivory on book-cover of the Pericopes of Henry II, early 11th century.
51. Lothar Crystal.
52. Great Mosque, interior, Cordoba.
53. Great Mosque, dome above the mihrab, Cordoba.
54. Cross of Gero.
55. Lothar Cross, front.
56. Cross of Lothar, back view of engraved crucifixion, c.1000.
57. St. Michael, exterior, general view, 1001-1033, Hildesheim.
58. S. Michael, plan, Hildesheim.
59. S. Michael, interior, Hildesheim.
60. Hildesheim Cathedral, Bernward Doors: central portions, rows 2-6. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
61. Hildesheim Cathedral, Bernward Doors: Adam and Eve repraoched by the Lord. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
62. Hildesheim Cathedral, Bernward Column, full view post WWII.
63. Hildesheim Cathedral, detail of column.
64. Gospel Book of Otto III, f.a: Christ Washing the Apostles Feet.
65. Baptistery of S. Giovanni, exterior, 500-1199, Florence.
66. S. Mark's, Venice.
67. S. Mark's, plan, Venice.
68. S. Mark's, Venice.
69. S. Mark's, Pala d'Oro: Christ in Judgement and the Four Evangelists, Venice.
70. Third Abbey Church, elevation and plan from an 18c engraving, Cluny.
71. S. Sernin, exterior view from northwest, 1080-1120, Toulouse.
72. S. Sernin, interior, nave looking east, Toulouse.
73. S. Sernin, plan, Toulouse.
74. S. Lazare, West Portal, Typanum. c.1130 by Gislebertus. general view with portal, begun c.1120, Autun. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
75. La Madeleine, central portal, Vezelay.
76. Speyer Cathedral, exterior, Close Airview.
77. Speyer Cathedral, interior, nave, 1031-61, altered 1082-1106.
78. Speyer Cathedral, Interior, nave, view of vaulting. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
79. Speyer Cathedral, plan.
80. Bayeux Tapestry, Fleet Sails.
81. Durham Cathedral, exterior, south side. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
82. Durham Cathedral, interior nave looking east, 12th Century.
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