ARTH 101601

European Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Coates
Lecture 11

1. Colosseum, section, Rome.
2. Arch of Titus, exterior, view, Rome.
3. Arch of Titus, Marble relief: Spoils from the Temple in Jerusalem, Rome.
4. Trajan's Column, exterior, view of whole, looking up, Rome.
5. Trajan's Column, detail, Rome.
6. Pantheon, exterior, facade, Rome.
7. Pantheon, interior view, painting by Giovanni Pannini, c.1750.
8. Pantheon, plan and section, Rome.
9. Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue, Restored, front, whole.
10. Portrait bust of a Roman Lady, Portrait bust of a Roman Lady.
11. Bust of Caracalla, detail of facade, closeup, 212. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
12. Theatre, largely restored, Sabratah.
13. Seasons Sarcophagus with Dionysus, whole.
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