ARTH 101601

European Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Coates
Lectures 1-3

1. (Paleolithic) Venus from Willendorf, front, c.25,000-21,000 BC.
2. Cave chamber, General View, Lascaux, France.
3. (Prehistoric) Stonehenge, view of whole.
4. Susa I, Beaker with ibexes, exterior view, c.4000 BC. (Image not available)
5. Vase from Uruk.
6. Female Head from Uruk.
7. Cylinder Seal and its Impression.
8. Soundbox of a Harp from Ur.
9. Head of an Akkadian Ruler.
10. Akkadian, Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, Susa, whole, from center. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
11. Drawing of a Ziggurat, reconstruction.
12. Ziggurat at Ur, Iraq.
13. Stele of Hammurabi.
14. Booty from a City taken by Tiglathpileser III from Nimrud, Iraq.
15. Sargon's Palace, reconstruction, Khorsabad.
16. Lamassu from Khorsabad.
17. Lioness Mauling a Nubian Boy, from Nimrud.
18. Lion Released and Killed, from Nineveh.
19. Dying Lioness from Nineveh, Iraq.
20. (Neo Babylonian) Ishtar Gate, Restored, c.575 BC, Iraq, Babylon.
21. Persepolis, Iran.
22. Bull Capital, Persepolis.
23. Subjects Bringing gifts to the King, Relief on the stairway to the audience hall, Persepolis.
24. Palette of Narmer from Hierakonpolis.
25. Zoser precinct, Stepped pyramid, and Heb Sed Court from E (foreground), 3rd Dynasty, Saqqara, Egypt.
26. (Old Kingdom) South Tomb of Zoser Group, subterranean area, False door, c.2630-2611 BC, Saqqara.
27. Giza: Pyramids, view from S: Menkaura, 4th Dynasty, Egypt. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
28. (Old Kingdom) Sphinx and Sphinx Temple, view from front left - built by Chefren, Giza, Egypt, 4th Dynasty.
29. Giza Pyrimid Complex, plan.
30. Great Pyrimid of Khufu (Cheops), Section, direction south, north, Giza, Egypt.
31. Mycerinus and his Queen.
32. (Old Kingdom) Portrait Panel of Hesira, c.2700 BC.
33. Canon of Ancient Egyptian Art, after E. Iverson, "Canon and Proportions In Egyptian Art".
34. Tomb of Ti, Cattle fording a river.
35. Princess.
36. Kahun, plan.
37. Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Small banquet scene w/view of bottom musicians.
38. Brother of Ramose and his Wife, Tomb of Vizier Ramose, Thebes.
39. Statue of Hatshepsut, detail of head, before restoration.
40. Queen Hatshepsut, Karnak.
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