ARTH 009-302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 8: Mesopotamia Architecture

1. Map, Mesopotamia Archaeological Sites.
2. Eridu; Temple Plans levels VII-XVI.
3. Eridu: Temple Reconstruction.
4. Uruk, View of excavations.
5. Uruk, Plan of city.
6. Uruk; Anu Precinct; view of White Temple.
7. Uruk; Anu Precinct; plan and reconstruction of White Temple.
8. Uruk; Eanna Precinct; plan.
9. Uruk; Eanna Precinct; Stone Cone Temple Reconstruction.
10. Uruk; Eanna Precinct; Detail of columns.
11. Khafadje; Aerial view of site.
12. Khafadje; Sin Temple; Level I.
13. Khafadje; Sin Temple; Level V.
14. Khafadje; Sin Temple; Level X; reconstruction.
15. Khafadje; Oval Temple reconstruction.
16. Nippur; aerial view.
17. Nippur; Site plan.
18. Tell Brak; Palace of Naram Sin; plan.
19. Ur; Aerial view.
20. Ur; Plan of Nanna Precinct.
21. Ur; View of Ziggurat of Moon God Nanna built by Ur- Nammu.
22. Ur; Plan of Gigparku Complex with Palaces.
23. Town Plan.
24. Mari; Palace of Zimri-Lim; aerial view.
25. Mari; Palace of Zimri-Lim; Plan.
26. Mari; Palace of Zimri-Lim; Painting; Investiture scene.
27. Mari; Palace of Zimri-Lim; Painting; Sacrifice Scene.
28. Alalakh; Plan of site.
29. Alalakh; Palace of Yamrilim; Plan, level VII.
30. Alalakh; Palace of Niqmepa; Plan, level VI.
31. Uruk; Temple of Karaindash.
32. Uruk; Temple façade.
33. Assur; aerial view.
34. Assur; Ishtar Temple; plan.
35. Assur; Ishtar Temple; reconstruction.
36. Assur; Ishtar Temple; interior reconstruction.
37. Assur; Ishtar Temple; Interior Brick decoration.
38. Nimrud; Aerial view.
39. Nimrud; Plan of excavations.
40. Nimrud; Plan of Ashurnasirpal’s palace.
41. Nimrud; Ashurnsirpal’s palace; relief; procession of captives and booty.
42. Khorsabad; Plan of Citadel.
43. Khorsabad; Reconstruction of Citadel.
44. Khorsabad; Plan of Sargon;s palace.
45. Khorsabad; Sargon’s Palace; relief; Fowl Hunt.
46. Khorsabad; Sargon’s Palace; relief; Courtiers carrying table.
47. Nineveh; plan of site with palace.
48. Nineveh; Sennacherib’s Palace; plan of room 36 (seige of Lachish).
49. Nineveh; Sennacherib’s Palace; Reliefs; room 36; slabs 2-3 seige of Lachish.
50. Nineveh; Plan of North Place of Ashurbanipal.
51. Nineveh; Palace of Ashurbanipal; reliefs; room L; Assyrians attacking Arabs.
52. Nineveh; Palace of Ashurbanipal; reliefs; room C dying lioness.
53. Nineveh; Palace of Ashurbanipal; reliefs; room S1; slabs b-c; banquet scene.
54. Babylon; Plan of site.
55. Babylon: Ishtar gate; exterior reconstruction.
56. Babylonian; Ishtar gate; exterior as seen in British Museum.
57. Babylon; E-mah Temple; plan.
58. Babylon; E-mah Temple; photo with Ishtar Gate.
59. Persepolis; plan of site.
60. Persepolis; Apadana.
61. Persepolis; Apadana and Royal Court, reconstruction drawing.
62. Persepolis; Treasury Portico; Darius with Xerxes giving audience.
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