ARTH 009-302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 6: Greece Minor Arts

1. Map, Tribal Migrations, Greece.
2. Dipylon Vase, Geometric Period, Greece.
3. Corinthian Olpe Orientalizing Period, Greece.
4. Kouros, Bronze, Orientalizing Period, Greece.
5. Black Figure Amphora, Archaic Period, Greece.
6. Francois Vase, Archaic Period, Greece.
7. Auxerre Kore, Archaic Period, Greece.
8. Chios Kore, Archaic Period, Greece.
9. New York Kouros, Archaic Period, Greece.
10. Red Figure Amphora, Artemis Slaying Action, Transitional Period, Greece.
11. Kritios Boy, Transitional Period, Greece.
12. Charioteer from Delphi, Transitional Period, Greece.
13. White Ground Lekythoi, High Classical Period, Greece.
14. Nike with Sandal, High Classical Period, Greece.
15. Doryphorous, High Classical Period, Greece.
16. Hermes and Dionysis, Praxiteles, High Classical Period, Greece.
17. Aphrodite of Cnidos, High Classical Period, Greece.
18. Alexander the Great, Hellenistic Period, Greece.
19. Gallic Cheiftain killing Wife, Hellenistic Period, Greece.
20. Dying Gaul, Hellenistic Period, Greece.
21. Laocoon, Hellenistic Period, Greece.
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