ARTH 009-302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 4: Aegean Minor Arts

1. Map, Trade routes, Aegean
2. Map, Geography, Aegean
3. Spouros Type Cycladic Figurine, Early Cycladic Period, Aegean
4. Frying Pan, Early Cycladic Period, Aegean
5. Petsophas male stone figurine, Middle Minoan Period, Aegean
6. Khamaizi female bronze figurine, Middle Minoan Period, Aegean
7. Harvester Vase I, Middle Minoan Period, Aegean
8. Harvester Vase II, Middle Minoan Period, Aegean
9. Snake Goddess, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
10. Male figurine from Tylissos, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
11. Peak Sanctuary Rhyton, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
12. Bull Rhyton, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
13. Vapheio Cup, quiet, side A, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
14. Vapheio cup, violent, side A, Late Helladic Period, Aegean
15. Vapheio Cup, quiet, side B, Late Minoan Period, Aegean
16. Vapheio cup, violent, side B, Late Helladic Period, Aegean
17. Mask of Agamemnon, Mycenea, Late Helladic Period, Aegean
18. Inlaid Dagger, Mycenea, Late Helladic Period, Aegean
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