ARTH 009302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 2: Mesopotamia Minor Arts

1. Map, Geographical, Mesopotamia
2. Map, Archaeological sites, Mesopotamia
3. Priest-King Statue, Uruk, Uruk Period, Mesopotamia
4. Lion Hunt Stele, Uruk, Uruk Period, Mesopotamia
5. Warka Vase, Uruk, Uruk Period, Mesopotamia
6. Ur Standard, War side, Ur, Early Dynastic Period, Mesopotamia
7. Eannatum Stele, Front, Telloh, Early Dynastic Period, Mesopotamia
8. Eannatum Stele, Back, Telloh, Early Dynastic Period, Mesopotamia
9. Akkadian Ruler, Nineveh, Akkadian Period, Mesopotamia
10. Stele of Naram Sin, Akkadian Period, Mesopotamia
11. Gudea with temple plan, Telloh, Ur III Period, Mesopotamia
12. Cylinder Seal Impressions, Presentation Scenes, Ur III Period, Mesopotamia
13. Portrait head of Hammurabi, Susa, Old Babylonian Period, Mesopotamia,
14. Law code of Hammurabi, Susa, Old Babylonian Period, Mesopotamia
15. Portrait of King Idrimi, Alalakh, Mitanni Period, Mesopotamia
16. Kudurru, Susa, Kassite Period, Mesopotamia
17. White Obelisk, Nineveh, Neo-Assyrian Period, Mesopotamia
18. Shalmaneser’s Gates, Balawat, Neo-Assyrian Period, Mesopotamia
19. Portrait of King, Neo-Assyrian Period, Mesopotamia
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