ARTH 009-302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 11: Mesoamerica Architecture

1. Map, Mesoamerican Archaeological Sites.
2. La Venta; airview of site.
3. La Venta; plan of site.
4. La Venta; Pyramid Mound reconstruction.
5. Monte Alban; airview.
6. Monte Alban; plan of site.
7. Monte Alban; view of Plaza.
8. Palenque; view of temples.
9. Palenque; plan of site.
10. Palenque; plan of palace.
11. Palenque; palace; captive relief.
12. Palenque; palace; tablet relief, presentation of crowns.
13. Tikal; view of site.
14. Tikal; plan of North Acropolis.
15. Tikal; North Acropolis; cross section diagram.
16. Tikal; Temple 1; burial.
17. Copan; drawing of site.
18. Copan; drawing of site.
19. Copan; Structure 22 doorway.
20. Copan; Structure 22 detail.
21. Uxmal; Nunnary quadrangle; plan.
22. Uxmal; Nunnary quadrangle; photo.
23. Bonampak; photo of site.
24. Bonampak; plan of site.
25. Bonampak; structure 1 with lintel 1.
26. Bonampak; paintings from structure 1.
27. Teotihuacan; plan of site.
28. Teotihuacan; pyramid of the moon; photo.
29. Teotihuacan; Zacuala palace; plan.
30. Teotihuacan; Zacuala palace; reconstruction.
31. Teotihuacan; Tepantitla; plan.
32. Teotihuacan; Tepantitla; mural.
33. Teotihuacan; Ciudadela/Temple of Quetzalcoatl; plan.
34. Teotihuacan; Temple of Quetzalcoatl; plan and drawing.
35. Teotihuacan; Ciudadela/Temple of Quetzalcoatl; mural.
36. Teotihuacan; Ciudadela/Temple of Quetzalcoatl; exterior sculpture.
37. Tula; photo of site with Pyramid B.
38. Tula; plan.
39. Tula; Atlantean columns.
40. Tula; Coatepantli; exterior frieze.
41. Chichen Itza; view of site; the Castillo.
42. Chichen Itza; plan of site.
43. Chichen Itza; Caracol.
44. Chichen Itza; Caracol detail.
45. Chichen Itza; Temple of the warriors; exterior view.
46. Chichen Itza; Temple of the warriors; wall relief; sacrifice scene.
47. Chichen Itza; Temple of the jaguars; exterior view.
48. Chichen Itza; Temple of the jaguars; wall painting.
49. Tenochtitlan; Map of Texcoco from codex.
50. Tenochtitlan; Reconstruction view.
51. Tenochtitlan; Templo Mayor; codex drawing.
52. Tenochtitlan; Temple Mayor; Skull rack.
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