ARTH 009-302

Program & Power In Ancient Art
Instructor: Sarah J. Scott
Lecture 10: Aegean Architecture

1. Map, Aegean Archaeological Sites.
2. Dimini; site plan.
3. Dimini; site reconstruction.
4. Lerna; House of tiles; plan.
5. Lerna; House of tiles; airview.
6. Zakros; Plan of site.
7. Zakros; Airview of houses.
8. Lebena; Tholos tomb.
9. Phaistos; Old Palace; plan.
10. Phaistos; Old Palace; view of landscape.
11. Phaistos; Old Palace; view of court.
12. Phaistos; Old Palace; Kamares Ware Beaked jug.
13. Knossos; New Palace; plan.
14. Knossos; New Palace; reconstruction.
15. Knossos; New Palace; Hall of procession fresco.
16. Knossos; New Palace; reconstruction of procession corridor.
17. Knossos; New Palace; view from inside main court.
18. Knossos; New Palace; Grandstand Fresco.
19. Knossos; New Palace; view of storage magazines.
20. Knossos; New Palace; view of pier and door partitions.
21. Knossos; New Palace; view of lustral basin.
22. Knossos; New Palace; view of lightwell.
23. Knossos; New Palace; view of throne room
24. Knossos; New Palace; view of queen’s megaron.
25. Thera; view of site.
26. Thera; Map.
27. Thera; plan of site and Xeste 3.
28. Thera; reconstruction of Xeste 3.
29. Thera; Xeste 3; Crocus Gatherer.
30. Thera; Xeste 3; Enthroned Goddess.
31. Thera; West House; Plan.
32. Thera; West House; Marine Fresco.
33. Thera; West House Fisherboy fresco.
34. Ayia Triadha; painted sarcophagus.
35. Tiryns; Palace; plan.
36. Tiryns; Palace; reconstruction.
37. Tiryns; Palace; Megaron plan.
38. Tiryns; Palace; façade reconstruction.
39. Tiryns; Palace; fresco; charioteers in boar hunt.
40. Tiryns; Palace; fresco; hounds attacking boar.
41. Tiryns; Palace; fresco; procession.
42. Pylos; Palace; Plan.
43. Pylos; Palace; airview.
44. Pylos; Palace; view of megaron.
45. Pylos; Palace; view of hearth.
46. Pylos; Palace; Megaron/Throneroom reconstruction.
47. Pylos; Palace; fresco; procession fresco.
48. Pylos; Palace; fresco; lyre player.
49. Mycenea; airview of citadel.
50. Mycenea; reconstruction plan.
51. Mycenea; view of masonry.
52. Mycenea; det. view of Lion's Gate.
53. Mycenea; fresco; female processor.
54. Mycenea; Shaft Greve Circle A; reconstruction.
55. Mycenea; Chafter Greave Circle A; grave stela.
56. Mycenea; Treasury of Atreus; section.
57. Mycenea; Treasury of Atreus; dromos.
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