ARTH 762-401
(GRMN 679)
Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art: The Age of Albrecht Durer  
Instructor: Professor Larry Silver
M 2-5

Course Description

Investigation of the art of painting and graphics in pre-Reformation Germany, focusing particular attention on the contributions of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). Consideration of the shifting scholarly approaches to the artist over the span of the twentieth century, with particular attention to recent essays on his art (Dürer and his Culture, 1999; Cambridge Companion to Dürer, forth- coming). Attention to important followers and contemporaries in both Nuremberg and Augsburg, particular among painter-printmakers, such as Altdorfer, Burgkmair, Cranach, and the Holbein family. Topics will include: relations with Italian art and theory, religious content, status of the artist, rise of portraiture, and general issues of the functions of art, especially prints. Principal requirement is extensive research paper; German highly desirable but not absolutely required.