Art History 282/682, Modern Architecture

Outline of Mid-term Exam

The mid-term exam will be held in class on March 7, 2001.

The test will start at 11:00am sharp.

The mid-term exam is worth 25% of the final grade.

No make-up exam will be given without irrefutable documentation of legitimate absence.

If you miss the exam and cannot prove life-threatening illness or dire emergency, you will receive a zero for the exam.

Images used on the mid-term exam will be selected from the group that is included on the online image database at

The image database to be used for the mid-term will frozen one week in advance of the test, as of 5:00pm Wednesday, February 28, 2001.

Section 1: Eight Slide Identifications, projected as four pairs

You must provide artist or architect, name of work, location or "project" if not built, date

All dates will be taken from the Curtis book, which is echoed in the online image database

Plus or minus 3 years will be accepted

If the date of a work is given as a span, any one year in the span

or plus or minus 3 years of the end dates will be accepted

For example if the date is 1910-1912, anything from 1907 to 1915 will be accepted

The identifications will be shown in pairs

Each identification is worth 4 points

for a total of 32 points

Section 2: Four Short Answer, projected individually

Identification by the same rules as above

One to two sentences about the work's significance

Each short answer is worth 8 points

4 points for the identification and 4 points for the significance

for a total of 32 points

Section 3: One Comparison Essay, two slides projected together

Two slides to compare and contrast

First, identification by the same rules as above

Then write a short essay, no more than one page, but probably less

Each identification is worth 4 points and the essay is worth 28 points

for a total of 36 points