Art History 282/682, Modern Architecture

Week 5, Class 3

Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture

Le Corbusier, Vers un architecture, 1923

translated into English as Towards a New Architecture, 1927

Charles Edouard Jeanneret

Amédée Ozenfant

L'Esprit nouveau,

Le Corbusier, Maison Citrohan project, 1922


Le Corbusier, Dom-ino structural system, 1914

Le Corbusier, Workers' Housing, Pessac, near Bourdeaux, France, 1924

Bordeaux industrialist Henri Frugès

Ebenezer Howard

Frederick Law Olmsted and others

machine à habiter or machine for living

From Vers un architecture: "We must create a mass-production spirit. The spirit of constructing mass-production houses. The spirit of living in mass-production houses. The spirit of conceiving mass-production houses. If we eliminate from our hearts and minds all dead concepts in regard to the houses and look at the question from a critical and objective point of view, we shall arrive at the 'House-Machine,' the mass-production house, healthy (and morally so, too) and beautiful in the same way that the working tools and instruments which accompany our existence are beautiful."

Le Corbusier, House and Studio for Amédée Ozenfant, Paris, 1923

Le Corbusier, Maison La Roche/Jeanneret, Paris, 1923-1924

Le Corbusier, L'Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1925

reconstructed in Bologna, Italy, 1977

Art Deco

Le Corbusier, Maison Cook, Paris, 1926-1927

Le Corbusier, "Five Points of a New Architecture"

1. pilotis

2. ribbon window

3. free facade

4. roof garden

5. free plan

Le Corbusier, Villa Stein/de Monzie, Garches, France, 1926-1928

Gabrielle de Monzie and Michael and Sarah Stein

Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky, "The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa," 1947

Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, Villa Foscari outside Venice, 1550-1560

architectural historian William Jordy

Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, Poissy, France, 1928-1931