History 282/682, Modern Architecture

Week 5, Class 1

Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus

Eric Mendelsohn, Einstein Tower, Potsdam, Germany, 1920-1924

Schocken Department Store, Stuttgart, Germany, 1928

Schocken Department Store, Chemintz, Germany, 1928

Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer, Fagus Shoelast Factory, Alfeld, Germany, 1911-1912

Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer, Werkbund Exhibition Building, Cologne, Germany, 1914

Lyonel Feininger, Cathedral of Socialism, from Bauhaus Program, 1919

Bruno Taut, Glass Chain

Arbeitsrat für Kunst or AFK, meaning Work Council for Art

AFK manifesto, 1919

"Art and people must form a unity.

Art shall no longer be the enjoyment of the few but the life and happiness of the masses.

The aim is the alliance of the arts under the wing of a great architecture."

Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts, Henry van de Velde

Grand Ducal Academy of Fine Art

Bauhütte or medieval lodge

Walter Gropius, "Program of the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar," 1919: "Artists, sculptors, painters, we must all return to the crafts! Let us then create a new guild of craftsmen without the class distinctions that raise an arrogant barrier between craftsman and artist! Let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculpture and painting in one unity and which will one day rise toward heaven from the hands of a million workers like the crystal symbol of a new faith."

Johannes Itten

Vorkurs or preliminary course

Walter Gropius, Adolf Sommerfeld House, Berlin, 1920-1921

Theo van Doesburg, Composition VIII, 1918

De Stijl or The Style

Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer, project for the Chicago Tribune Building, 1922

Herbert Bayer

Lázló Moholy-Nagy, Composition, 1921

Lázló Moholy-Nagy, Light-Space Modulator, 1923-1930

Bauhaus exhibition, "Art and Technology: A New Unity," 1923

Walter Gropius, Idea and Construction, 1923

"The old dualistic world concept which envisioned the ego in opposition to the universe is rapidly losing ground. The Bauhaus believes the machine to be our modern medium of design and seeks to come to terms with it."

Georg Muche and Adolf Meyer, Haus am Horn, Weimar, Germany, 1923

Alma Buscher and Eberhard Schammen, building block game, 1924

K. J. Jucker and W. Wagenfled, table lamp, 1923-1924

Walter Gropius, Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany, 1926

Oskar Schlemmer, Bauhaus Staircase, 1929

Walter Gropius, Gropius and Staff Houses, Dessau, Germany, 1926

Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chair, 1926

Mariannne Brandt, Ceiling Light, 1927

Iwao Yamawaki, The Attack on the Bauhaus, photomontage, 1932

Hannes Meyer

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Josef Albers