Art History 282/682, Modern Architecture

Week 4, Class 1

Structuralism Rationalism and Concrete

Oskar Kokoschka, portrait of Adolf Loos, 1909

Adolf Loos, "Ornament and Crime," 1908

Louis Sullivan, "Ornament in Architecture," 1893

Adolf Loos, Apartment for Adolf Loos, Vienna, 1903

Adolf Loos, Kaerntner Bar, Vienna, 1908

Adolf Loos, Steiner House, Vienna, 1910

Adolf Loos, Scheu House, Vienna, 1912

Adolf Loos, Michaelerplatz Building, Goldman Salatsch Store, Vienna, 1910-1911

Gustav Eiffel, Pont du Garabit, near St-Flour, France, 1880-1884

John, Washington, and Emily Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1869-1883

Auguste Choisy, Hagia Sophia in Historie de l'architecture, 1899

François Hennebique, trabeated system for reinforced concrete, 1892

Eugène-Emanuel Viollet-le-Duc

David O. Saylor, Portland cement, Coplay, Pennsylvania

Robert W. Lesley in 1900: "the next age succeeding the age of steel, would be practically known as the Cement Age, and that it was but philosophical and reasonable that in an age of such great adaptability and plasticity in the individual, that the building material should be of equal plastic character."

Robert W. Lesley, "The Cement Age," 1903: "this is certainly the age of the plastic material. It seems almost a philosophical thought that in this age, when man changes and thought changes so quickly, the material representing the period is one of a plastic and flexible nature."

Anatole de Baudot, architect, Paul Cottacin, engineer, St. Jean de Montmatre, Paris, 1894-1904

Auguste Perret, Apartment building at 25 rue Franklin, Paris, 1902

Auguste Perret, Garage at 51 rue Ponthieu, Paris, 1905

Auguste Perret, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris 1911-1913

Auguste Perret: "One must never allow into a building any element destined solely for ornament, but rather turn to ornament all the parts necessary for support."

Le Corbuiser, Vers une architecture, 1923

Reyner Banham, Concrete Atlantis: U.S. Industrial Building and European Modern Architecture

C. A. P. Turner, Ernest Ransome

Albert Kahn, Ford Factory, Highland Park, Michigan, 1909

Eugène Freyssinet, airship hangars, Orly, France, 1916-1921

Max Berg, Jahrhunderthalle or Centennial Hall, Breslau, Poland, 1912-1913

Pier Luigi Nervi

Robert Maillart, Tavanesa Bridge, Switzerland, 1905

Robert Maillart, Salginatobel Bridge, Switzerland, 1930

Sigfried Giedion, Space, Time and Architecture, 1941

Abraham Darby III and Thomas Pritchard, Iron Bridge, Coalbrookdale, England, 1779