ARTH 102
European Art and Civilization After 1400
Instructor: Professor Christine Poggi
MWF 1-2

Course Description

Introduction to painting, sculpture, graphics, and architecture from the Renaissance era to the present. Emphasis on Europe and America, plus attention to contemporary centers in Asia, chiefly from the Islamic world. Emphasis on close study of major monuments, their patrons, and their cultural significance, enhanced with looking assignments and discussions from original works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Students should complete this course with a good general sense of major art movements and artists, as well as major modes of visual analysis and topics of visual art as a dimension of cultural history. This course is also required as foundational for all undergraduate Art History majors. Class format will be three lectures per week with a weekly discussion section. Evaluation by two shorter papers, midterm examination and final. WATU credit optional. No prerequisites, though background in European history is useful.