ARTH 101-910

European Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Helft
Lecture 9: : Early Christian-Byzantine

1. map of Byzantine empire.
2. Catacomb of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus, c. 340 CE, Rome.
3. Catacomb of Villa Torlonia, c. 3rd cent. CE, Rome.
4. Good Shepherd, marble, c. 300 CE, Rome.
5. Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, marble, 359 CE, Rome.
6. left: Helios mosaic, synagogue Hamath Tiberias, c. 4th cent. CE, Israel. right: Sol Invictus-Christus, Mausoleum of the Julii under St. Peter’s, mosaic, c. 3rd cent. CE, Rome.
7. left: synagogue mosaic, c. 530 CE, Maon, Israel right: church mosaic, c. 6th cent. CE, Shellal, Gaza.
8. plan of city of Dura Europos, 3rd cent. CE, Syria.
9. plan of Christian House and synagogue, Dura Europos, 3rd cent. CE, Syria.
10. Dura Europos synagogue, west wall frescoes, 250 CE, Syria and detail of Torah shrine.
11. Exodos scene and Retrieving Moses from the Nile, Dura Europos synagogue, c. 250 CE, Syria.
12. axonometric drawing of Christian House, 3rd cent. Dura Europos, Syria.
13. Baptistry in Christian House, Dura Europos, miracles of Jesus, Dura Europos, 3rd cent. CE, Syria.
14. left: reconstruction drawing of St. Peter’s, Rome c. 333-390 CE right: interior view of St Paul outside the Walls, Rome c. 385 CE.
15. left: plan of St. Peter’s, Rome right: elevation of interior of St. Peter’s Rome.
16. left: plan of Santa Costanza, brick, c. 350 CE, Rome right: interior view of Santa Costanza.
17. ambulatory mosaic in Santa Costanza.
18. left: plan of Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, brick, c. 425 CE, Ravenna right: interior of Mausoleum of Galla Pacidia.
19. lunette in Galla Placidia, mosaic, c. 425 CE.
20. left: central vault of Mausoleum Galla Placidia, mosaic, c. 425 CE, right: detail
of colored meander, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.
21. plan and interior of church of San Vitale, brick, c. 540-547 CE, Ravenna.
22. Apse Mosaic, San Vitale, c. 547 CE, Ravenna.
23. Justinian and Theodora mosaics, San Vitale, 547 CE, Ravenna.
24. basket capital, San Vitale, 547 CE, Ravenna.
25. apse of St. Apollinare in Classe, brick, c. 549 CE, Ravenna, Transfiguration mosaic.
26. exterior of Haghia Sophia, brick and ashlar masonry, Arthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, 537 CE, Istanbul.
27. axonometric drawing of the interior of Haghia Sophia, plan of Haghia Sophia and analytical drawing of domes.
28. interior views of Haghia Sophia.
29. Aerial view of St. Catherines Monastery, c. 550-565 CE, Sinai, Egypt.
30. Transfiguration, mosaic, c. 550-565 CE, Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt.
31. Rabbula Gospels, pigment on parchment, c. 586 CE, Syria.
32. Vienna Genesis, 6th cent. CE, pigment on vellum, Vienna.
33. left: Virgin and Child Enthroned, encaustic on wood, 6th cent. Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt right: portrait of a boy, encaustic on wood, c. 2nd cent. CE, Fayum, Egypt.
34. Christ Icon, St. Catherine’s Monastery, c. 6th cent. CE, Sinai, Egypt.
35. Virgin and Child, mosaic, 867 CE, Haghia Sophia, Istanbul.
36. Christ Pantocrator, c. 1020 CE, Daphne Monastery, Greece.
37. exterior of Katholikon of Hosios Loukas, 11th cent. Greece.
38. interior of Katholikon, Hosios Loukas, Greece.
39. crucifixion, mosaic, Hosios Loukas, c. 11th cent.
40. St. Marks, Venice, c. 11th cent.
41. Anastasis, c. 1315-1321, Monastery of Christ in Chora, Istanbul.
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