The University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art (Paris), and Philadelphia Museum of Art announce a series of conferences and study days organized over the course of 2012 to advance the study of medieval sculpture:

1. January 2012: Paris, Institut national d'histoire de l'art (30-31 January)
(with study sessions at the Musée du Louvre)

2. May 2012: Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Annual Conference

3. November 2012: Philadelphia, Phila. Museum of Art & Univ. of Pennsylvania
(with study sessions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Glencairn Museum)

A fluid yet cohesive international working group of scholars and advanced graduate students will convene to share research on topics relating to European medieval sculpture, 1100-1550. Three conferences offer opportunities for extensive discussion and debate on methodologies and approaches that address problems particular to the study of medieval sculpture – issues related to techniques, media (stone, wood, wax, etc.), settings and contexts (ecclesiastical, urban, private), patronage and display. The aim of the 2012 group is to rekindle art-history's sensibilities to aspects of sculpture that make it a distinct, and distinctly creative, artistic form. The conferences will also afford the opportunity to consider the place of sculpture study within broader methodological and historiographic questions for the History of Art.

For more information and calls for papers, please contact:

- Jean-Marie Guillouët, Institut national de l'histoire de l'art, Paris

- Jack Hinton, Philadelphia Museum of Art

- Robert A. Maxwell, Art History Department, University of Pennsylvania