ARTH 240/640
Introduction to Medieval Art
Instructor: Dr. Woodfin
MWF 12-1


An introductory survey, this course investigates painting, sculpture, and the "minor arts" of the Middle
Ages. Students will become familiar with selected major monuments of the Late Antique, Byzantine,
Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic periods, as well as primary textual sources. Analysis of works
emphasizes the cultural context, the thematic content, and the function of objects. Discussions focus
especially on several key themes: the aesthetic status of art and the theological role of images; the revival of classical models and visual modes; social rituals such as pilgrimage and crusading; the cult of the Virgin and the status of women in art; the "beautiful" and the "ugly"; and, more generally, the ideology of visual culture across the political and urban landscapes.

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