ARTH 354-601
African Art and Culture
Instructor: Dr. Blakely
R 4:30-7:30

Course Description

African art is a rich and varied field of study encompassing visual arts and architecture of ancient cultures, regional artistic traditions of diverse peoples in more recent precolonial and colonial times, and contemporary artists, both self-taught and formally trained. The principal goals of this course are to help students appreciate the scope of this field while gaining in depth understanding of particular African artistic traditions, artists, and artworks within specific historical and cultural contexts. Topics to be considered include persistent misconceptions about African art; indigenous African aesthetics; semiotics of African visual signs and sign systems; roles of "traditional artist" in African societies; gender issues in art production, representation, and performance; historical contacts and cultural interaction; spiritual, therapeutic, and political uses of art; and interrelations of visual art with verbal and kinesthetic expression.

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